Helpful Information Regarding Bacon

Just remember folks, you might’ve read it here first, even though I borrowed every bit from Pinterest. Read and learn. You can thank me later. Or now. I like being thanked. With bacon.

Every man should come with a side of bacon.  
 I have been known to steal bacon. I’m not proud of it, but I’ll probably do it again.  
The next one, I have to disagree with a little. That’s still not enough bacon.

True story, I really thought it was called bacon soda for years.

Studly only looks at bacon like its bacon. 

Really, this happens.  
And now I’ll return to my previously scheduled diet.

Peace, people! 

The Noyzinator Deluxe

Daily Post’s Daily Prompt–“You the sandwich: If a restaurant were to name a dish after you, what would it be?”

Frankly I’m surprised someone hasn’t already named a dish after me, but since, as far as I know they have not, let me wax eloquent on the topic.

The Noyzinator Deluxe
Two slices of soft white bread
Mayonnaise spread on both slices
Three slices of thick sliced bacon
Ripe avocado slices
Two fresh tomato slices
Leafy green lettuce
A dash of salt
Fresh ground pepper

–serve with a side of fresh grapes–

Duchess of Sandwich
the noblest of titles
conveyed upon me.


Bacon Wrapped Pizza and Other Delicacies 

Bacon on a sandwich,
Or alone on a plate.
Bacon with tomato
Wouldn’t that be great?
Bacon wrapped around
A nicely grilled filet or
Tucked inside a fluffy quiche
I could go for it that way.
Bacon served with eggs,
Poached or maybe fried.
Bacon-wrapped asparagus,
You’ll be so glad you tried.
Bacon for breakfast,
Dinner or lunch
Bacon’s even perfect at a
Fancy ladies’ brunch
But today I saw an ad
That nearly blew my mind:
Pizza wrapped in bacon
A truly monumental find!
Alas, I’m on a diet and
Can have no bacon at all
Except for one named Kevin,
And he’s not answering my call.  

Peace, People!