Name This Flower!

I snapped a photo of this pretty yellow flower yesterday. It was found growing wild at my favorite Starbucks in Tallahassee. My go-to local flower expert had no idea what it was, so I’m appealing to my blogging friends. Please, someone, tell me what this flower is called.

Until someone provides an answer I’m calling her Arlene.

Peace, people!

Snapshot #272

On December 27, 2019, we lucky denizens of the Florida panhandle are enjoying temperatures in the mid-70’s. I’ve seen lizards skittering about and bees pollinating plants, but they all refused to remain still for a photo.

My front yard has some gorgeous pink flowers that accommodated me, though. I’m calling this photo, “Is this a Camellia?”

Peace, people!

Bacon, Baby

Valentine’s Day was pretty low key here at Doright Manor. Poor Studly Doright has been swamped at work, so after he got home on Thursday evening I greeted him at the door with his gift and no expectations of an evening out.

His gift appeared to be a small Igloo cooler that I’d decorated with heart stickers. His reaction was underwhelming, until, that is, I told him that was just the gift wrapping. Inside was his actual gift:

A tube filled with Reese’s Cups and

two pounds of small batch, thick cut bacon!

For dinner we enjoyed pancakes and Studly’s Valentine’s Day bacon. Yum!

For his part Studly showered me with flowers, candy, and some oh-so-soft pajamas from PajamaGram. They’re lovely. I might’ve even worn them last night. Wink, wink. There’s a slight possibility that bacon is an aphrodisiac.

Peace, people.

Flowers of Ireland 

I was traveling southwest Ireland with folks who know their flowers. Unfortunately I was unable to absorb any of their knowledge via osmosis. I only know that flowers grew everywhere in such beautiful colors, rich textures, and romantic aromas that my senses were in overdrive. 

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