Loves Me; Loves Me Not

Petals plucked in time

He loves me; he loves me not


Seek daisy’s wisdom

But choose your flower wisely

Odd numbers suffice

A garden’s bounty

Yields answers; questions results

How dare blossoms lie?

(After I published this I looked back in my archives and discovered another poem I’d written with the same title. The original is better, I think, but it made me laugh. It was bound to happen sooner or later.)


none of the cards on the stationery
aisle said exactly what needed saying.

they offered only sweet platitudes:

wishing you well,
sending our prayers,
hoping for a speedy recovery

i wanted a card that named names and
kicked ass:

that sonofabitch needed hanging!
who the hell do you think you are?
you deserved that broken tibia!

with a picture of daisies on the front.


Peace, people.

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