My heart’s been walking in soul sucking mud, the kind that pulls my shoes right off 

As I slog through the muck from point a to point b. Bare feet carry gamely on, step by sticky

Step. Pick up my shoes and brace myself against gravity’s ultimate challenge. Falling

Face first into the mire is a real possibility. I’ve been here before. It’s not pretty.

Donald Trump: America’s New Role Model 

My friend keeps hitting home runs.

A lot from Lydia

Parenting isn’t easy, it never has been. That said, we parents today have a few challenges previous generations didn’t have. One such challenge can be explained using the example of the item at the top of my list of parenting goals. My priority has always been to teach my children ethics: the differnce between right and wrong, respecting people’s differences, having compassion, putting in an honest hard day’s work, owning your mistakes, remaining humble, do unto others…etc.

It helps to use examples when making a point: people who have achieved high status by following these basic principals of ethics. Any examples of successful ethical people today have been overshadowed by one person who demonstrates that ethics aren’t necessary to succeed. By my title, you should know of whom I speak.

The lesson we learn from our current “president” is that to succeed in 2017, we must apply a different set…

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Underground Railroad: A Review of Sorts

What if the Underground Railroad was an actual railroad? What if runaway slaves could hop aboard and travel to freedom through a series of subterranean tunnels? Aptly title, The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead, explores this possibility, following the escaped slave, Cora as she seeks a better life outside of the brutal one she’s known picking cotton on a plantation in Georgia.

While the concept of an actual train is pure fiction, the harsh aspects of Cora’s life are not. As a slave she was beaten for protecting a young child from the master’s whip and chose to risk the possible hazards of life on the run rather than submit to the certain abuses from those who own her.

The book has an odd cadence, and there were times when I backtracked and reread a page or two to get it to make sense to me. There is a certain dreamlike quality to some chapters, while others are stark in their recounting of cruelties rendered. But it’s ultimately satisfying.

This is a book for our times. As Cora finds peace in some destinations and horror in others we are reminded that there are still people in this world trying to escape these chilling truths, looking for a safe haven from cruel masters. We can be that safe haven.

Peace, people.

Two Movies in Two Days

If I had a fortune I’d spend all my time traveling to exotic places, but I don’t so I do the two next best things: read and go to movies. 

On Sunday my friend, Lee Ann, and I went to see La La Land. I’d had some reservations about the film based on feedback online. With the opening number all my doubts were erased. It’s a gorgeous film with fun music. 

Ryan Gosling is handsome and adorable, while Emma Stone melts my heart. No wonder it’s the odds on favorite to win best picture honors at the upcoming Oscars. Yes, the choreography is just so-so, and Gosling and Stone aren’t the greatest vocalists, but I left the theater with a smile on my lips and a desire to dance to my car. Lee Ann discouraged me from doing that.

On Monday all of our company returned to Indiana, and Studly Doright had to go to Orlando for work. Left all alone I was antsy after the active weekend, so I took myself to see the film, Lion. Another best picture nominee, Lion is by turns heartbreaking and hopeful. 

Dev Patel and Nicole Kidman perform beautifully in their respective roles as an adoptee from an Indian orphanage and his adoptive mom. The gorgeous Rooney Mara plays Dev’s love interest. But the scene stealer, without a bit of artifice in his performance, is Sunny Pawar who plays the young version of Patel’s character, Saroo. 

I’ve now seen three of the six best picture nominees. Including the two mentioned above I’ve seen Hidden Figures, not once but twice. I’ve no desire to see Hacksaw Ridge, but both Fences and Hell or High Water are still on my wish list. Who knows, maybe I’ll chase those down this weekend. Unless I win the lottery. If that happens, I’m hitting the road.

Peace, people.

What Did Trump Do Today? knocked this one out of the park.

A lot from Lydia

Let’s all try to stay calm. A Russian spy ship sits 30 miles from the Navy’s primary East Coast NavalSubmarine Base in New London, Connecticut, and an armed Russian warplane recently carried out a “mock attack” against a US Navy ships in the Red Sea—this after Russia violated an arms control treaty by deploying cruise missiles. The Navy is “keeping a close eye on it.”

To be fair, the U.S. Navy conducts similar intelligence-gathering operations against Russian military targets, such as its submarine bases, from international waters, however, the U.S. hasn’t deployed any missiles. A member of theHouseSeapower and Projection Forces Subcommittee, Rep Joe Courtney D-Conn., said recent Russian activity is “unacceptable, aggressive action … clearly testing theresolve of a new administration.”

What is Trump doing anyway?

To be honest with you, I can’t watch him. I’d rather read a transcript than listen to his contemptible voice.
” I don’t…

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