Egg or Turd?

Wednesday as I sat typing at the kitchen table I caught movement in my peripheral vision. Just outside my window a turtle seemed to be laying an egg or eggs.

As soon as she moved away, having covered the fruits of her labor, I went outside and placed an empty flower pot atop the disturbed earth in order to protect the eggs from scavengers.

Of course now I’m wondering if she was indeed a she. If not, I’m most likely protecting turtle turds. Good times at Doright Manor. 

Peace, people!

All Points Bulletin

I stumbled into the middle of a manhunt in Tallahassee today. I’d gone to eat lunch at Firehouse Subs on Capital Circle having become slightly addicted to their New York Streamer sandwich. The small size is only 360 calories and it tastes so darned good. But back to the manhunt.

As I walked out of the restaurant I heard the distinct sounds of a helicopter directly above me. I waved, for what it’s worth, and went on to my car. 

When I turned into a side street I saw a police cruiser, lights flashing, partially blocking the road. An officer standing by her patrol car waved me through. I still hadn’t connected her presence with the hovering helicopter, but when I turned the next corner and saw three cruisers and a police van, I realized I was probably in the middle of something big. 

I was just trying to get back to Capital Circle so I could go home, so I kept driving and turned right again. There, coming down the sidewalk toward my car was a police canine and his cop. That dog had the scent and was pulling hard on his leash. 

Hurriedly I found a way out of the area and drove to Home Depot a few blocks away. As soon as I was parked I googled breaking news in Tallahassee. Two possibilities popped up.

Now, I’m not sure which of these headlines is pertinent to the manhunt. One would certainly be more interesting than the other.

Was it this person they were using dogs to search for?

Or this one?

You know which one I’m rooting for, right?

Peace, people. And for goodness sake, put on some clothes!

Chain of Parks 2017

Saturday morning I drove into Tallahassee to savor the eclectic vibe of the annual LeMoyne Chain of Parks Art Festival. This isn’t an arts and crafts (or as Studly Doright calls them “arts and crap”) show, but a gathering of some of the finest artists and artisans from all across the country. 

Name your poison–jewelry, pottery, textiles, sculpture, carvings, paintings, stained glass, and/or mixed-media. It was all there. I couldn’t afford 99.99% of the art displayed, but I so enjoyed looking. 

Here are just a few of the sights:

My favorite, and the most affordable, part of the day was dog watching.

One end of the park is set aside for children to create their own art. I didn’t venture very far into this section, as my stomach had begun nagging me to find the food trucks, but I took this photo of the chalk art area. Note the little girl on the right. As I passed by she remarked, “Look! I’m walking on the wall!”

And I don’t know who Terrika is, but she made me smile.

At one point I was mobbed by a group of posh ladies who insisted on sharing their kooky style with me. I always needed a boa to make me feel complete; I just didn’t know it. 

Unfortunately the Divas, as they called themselves, got away before I could snap a picture. It was a wrap and run incident. No one was harmed in the process. 

What a wonderful morning! I did buy a small item for my little courtyard area at Doright Manor. I’ll share that another day.

Peace, people!

Tallahassee Museum with the Grandkids

My daughter and her family arrived at our home last Wednesday after driving straight through from their home in Illinois. The three grandkids slept much of the way, but their parents needed naps upon arrival. 

Poppa (Studly Doright) entertained four-year-old Harper, while Garrett (14), and McKayla (12), accompanied me on some not-so-exciting errands so the house would be quiet for the “old folks.”

After the parents awakened I suggested we take the crew to the Tallahassee Museum, which is really part zoo, part zip-lining adventure, and part historical site. I’d been before, but Studly hadn’t, and none of our guests had ever visited this gem. 

I’m always so nervous that my suggestions won’t go over well, and this one didn’t get off to a promising start. Harper balked at the entrance and had to be coaxed to continue, but after a cold lemonade and a bit of time on the playground equipment, she was all smiles. 

Harper was captivated by the dinosaur sculptures made entirely from automotive parts.

Poppa decided that he and Garrett should give the tree-to-tree adventure a try, and the two of them set off to be fitted for harnesses and given instructions on hooking on to the safety lines. Poppa came to regret this quest, but Garrett took to the trees like a duck to water. 

Poppa is saying, “You want me to do what???”
Garrett was amazingly adept at switching connections between obstacles.
The camera doesn’t capture the man’s terror.
McKayla was the primary animal spotter. She has keen eyes for the almost hidden denizens of the museum.
This guy was taking advantage of a shady spot on the warm afternoon.
Garrett visited with a friendly otter.

Somehow I forgot to take photos of the wolves, foxes, and birds of prey, but I remembered to have a good time. 

Peace, people!

Fairy Expansion

Our daughter and her family visited from Illinois these past few days. The youngest grandchild, Harper, was entranced by our fairy house, but she also was frustrated that it had a fake door. 

“How do the fairies get in?” she asked.

“They’re magic,” I said. “They just pop in and out.”

“I don’t think that’s how it works,” she said. 

We left the fairies in a rearranged state and went for a quick overnight trip to the beach. I’d forgotten all about them, but Poppa (a.k.a. Studly Doright) began planning to build a house with a door that would open and close.

When we returned from St. George Island on Friday afternoon Harper was napping, so Poppa and the middle grandchild, McKayla, went to work on a new fairy house. 

By the time Harper awakened most of the building was completed, but she did add her opinion.

In fact, the idea to use leaves for the curtains was hers. 

Here’s the finished project.  Notice the original dwelling behind the new house. We’ve got the beginnings of a village!

And the door opens, so these fairies don’t have to rely on magic to enter and exit.

I noticed a couple of wee folk have already taken possession of the new place, 

along with a happy frog!

Poppa and McKayla, with a wee bit of help from Harper, made a big impact in the Florida fairy world.

Peace, people!

Back in the Swim

About a year ago I was into swimming every morning at one of the city of Tallahassee’s great pools. My chiropractor had suggested working out in a heated pool as a comfortable way to stretch my less than athletically fit body. The workout was fun and after a month of water exercise my back felt better than it had in ages.

Then one morning my car, along with several others, was broken into while I was swimming. After smashing my driver’s side window, the thieves took my favorite handbag–one I’d bought in Guatemala–along with my credit cards, some cash, my identification, and even my passport. I’d always heard victims of robbery say they’d felt violated, but I never understood the meaning until I was faced with the reality myself. 

I didn’t feel safe anymore. My nerves were shot and I was almost too jumpy to drive for awhile. Forget returning to the pool. It held too many scary thoughts. For one thing, there’s really not a great place to leave one’s handbag or cellphone at the pool. Yes, there are lockers, but one can’t put a lock on one. It didn’t feel safe to keep my valuables in a bag poolside, either. Anyone could walk by and snatch it while I swam.

A few days ago I got the idea that perhaps someone out there sold waterproof packs that one could wear during swimming. A simple search of Google and voilĂ ! I have a pair of waterproof pouches.

Made by Blue Sky Basics, the packs have enough space for my oversized cell phone, keys, and a wallet with room to spare. I can even pack my Kindle paperwhite if I so desire. Waterproofing is accomplished with multiple redundancies, including triple ziplock seals. 

An extra long adjustable strap allows the user to wear the pack around the his/her waist while swimming. I can’t wait to try the packs out!

Here’s the friendly customer service email I received from Blue Sky Basics. I thought it was a nice touch.

“Hello Leslie, 

Thank you so much for your order! 

We’re really happy an awesome person like you will soon be using our Waterproof Pouch with Waist Strap 2-Pack to keep your phone and valuables safe and dry! 

When you do, please go ahead and test out your new waterproof pouches at home so you can set off on your next aquatic adventure with total peace of mind! Simple instructions are included in the packaging. 

We’ve got you covered with our 100% Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee . If, for any reason, you are not delighted, you can easily let me know by replying to this email. 
We will be happy to replace it for you absolutely free or assist you with a refund if you prefer. That’s our promise to you. 
As a small family-run business, we’re big on customer service and truly want you to be happy with your purchase. 
Thanks again and happy adventures! 
Warmest regards, 
Chris Hoaldridge, Co-founder, Blue Sky Basics”

Here’s their contact information if you’re interested. I have no agreement with Blue Sky Basics, and will receive no compensation for my endorsement of their product. 

Peace, people!


First Lizard of Winter

The title is a bit misleading since according to the calendar those of us residing in the northern hemisphere have been locked into winter since December 21-ish. Forget those pesky calendar designations. You know how robins are harbingers of spring? Then finding a lizard in my mailbox is the first sign the temps are going to drop in North Florida, and to me that is the truest indication that winter has arrived. 

Not nearly as pleasant as discovering the robins have returned, being surprised by a lizard hiding in the stacks of post-holiday bills and glossy junk mail is a certain cardiac stimulant and/or test for urinary continence. I am proud to say that I didn’t squeal or utter a four-letter word this afternoon when the little bastard jumped out at me; although, I might’ve peed a little.

Not my lizard, but close enough.

Tallahassee Auto Museum

Last Sunday Studly Doright and I took his mom, Saint Helen, to the Tallahassee Automobile Museum. Even though Studly and I have been in Tallahassee a little over three years, this was our first visit to the museum that sits just off Interstate 10 east of Tallahassee.

Elvis Mobile
Weird horse statue greets visitors

Here are just a few of the automobiles on display. The array was dizzying. 

Amphibious car–LBJ had one and loved to prank guests to his Texas ranch by driving into his lake.
Studebaker Avanti: The front looks like the rear.
Studly and Saint Helen

Batman had his own section.

There were motorcycles in abundance:


Boat motors:

Tricycles and pedal cars:

Steinway Pianos:

Cash registers:

A vampire hunting kit (I really think I need one):

And lots of other goodies:

Hearse believed to be used to convey Lincoln’s body.

The museum, with its eclectic array of memorabilia, provided us with a couple of hours of entertainment. I think I’m still suffering from antique overload. 

Peace, people.

Casual Car Show

Once a month our local Sonic Drive-in hosts a car show. Studly Doright and I stopped by on our way to see the movie, Doctor Strange, in Tallahassee on Saturday evening. 

I walked around snapping pictures and talking to car owners. Which is your favorite? Can you guess mine?

Car 1
Car 2
Car 3
Car 4
Car 5
Car 6
Car 7
Car 8
Car 9
Car 10
Car 11
Car 12

And then there was this guy…

Dog 1

Sonic drive-ins and classic cars seem like the perfect match. The cheeseburger and tater tots were a bonus.

Peace, people!