2018 Snapshot #1, or Who Can Identify This Plant?

Last year I posted snapshots and tried to number them reliably, but I’m rather a disorganized soul, and soon jumbled up the count. I’ve never let disorganization stop me in the past, though, so I’m just going to number these things according to an ever changing set of rules.

I snapped this photo yesterday in the garden area of my dentist’s office in Tallahassee. Then I proceeded to ask everyone what it was. No one in the office had a clue. I guess that’s why they went into dentistry and not botany.

Anyway, perhaps a reader with some gardening knowledge can help me out:

The blossoms aren’t on the plant itself, so kindly ignore them. Do note the purplish serrated looking leaves, and the oddly bare trunk-like stem. The plant is striking in its almost alien demeanor. I imagine if plants grew on Venus, this is what they’d look like.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Peace, people.


Saturn scheduled a shindig, inviting eight of her closest friends. Even Pluto

Who technically wasn’t in the same social circle received an embossed envelope

Worthy of a royal wedding reception and signed in gold script with a grand flourish.

Mercury responded in a flash, while Neptune tried to come up with a worthy excuse.

Earth and Mars forgot to r.s.v.p., while Jupiter sent a hand-written affirmation.

Venus began planning her outfit while Uranus graciously declined, having already

Made plans to visit the arboretum on the same day. The event was a huge success

Stars waited outside the venue, waiting to catch a glimpse of their favorite celebrities

All dressed up in velvet and ice, flashing their concentric rings to the universe.

A Plot of Earth–My Take on the Daily Prompt

Mercury did not suspect,
Yet Venus knew the score,
Earth was plotting to implode
Mars tried to close the door.

Jupiter was in on it,
He hoped that Earth would blow,
But Saturn was in denial,
And Neptune was too slow

The plot of Earth, it’s sad to note,
Went off without a hitch,
And those of us who ignored her plight
Are not allowed to bitch.