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To awaken is a saddening thing

as and when the sandman’s coma flounders,

gifts the valueless gift of spontaneity,

that ordeal of wretched consciousness

in the ‘once upon a time’ land that compassion forgot

He never knew his telescope had a lens cap fitted

The man in the shop never mentioned that at all

Nevertheless, with one eye shut, the other on the lens

He could see clearly the magnified blackness of the future

“Can I have a go on your telescope mister?” the young boy asked

“Of course you can lad…here, you try…it reveals the future you wait and see”

Quizzically the young boy takes hold of the telescope

Holds it this way and that

Notes the lens cap

Removes it

“Wow, this really is something else mister. I can see right into the distance…and there, up there, the rainbow. Never seen the colours of a rainbow so clear…

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What the Supreme Court Decision Means to Me as a pre-Roe v. Wade Survivor

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Red's Wrap

I know the fear. I remember everything about it. Being afraid of doing something illegal. Being afraid of getting hurt. Being afraid of bleeding to death. Being afraid of being so damaged that I wouldn’t be able to have children when it was the right time.

Then wasn’t the right time. I was a freshman in college. I became pregnant. It was 1967. I had two options. Marry the father or find a way to have an abortion. The father said no to marriage. He was right. We were too young.

A person would look at me now and say, oh, you had options. You just didn’t explore all your options. You didn’t try hard enough. You could have had the baby and given it up for adoption. Maybe. It’s hard now to explain the world for women in 1967. First off, I would have had to leave college. Drop…

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As Britain leaves the European Union

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Notes from the U.K.

What’s going on with Brexit, you ask? It’s been strange over here, and it’s getting stranger.

First the prime minister set up a referendum on whether Britain should leave the European Union. Why? Because he wanted to shut up the anti-EU wing of his party, the Conservatives. Clever move, Dave.

Then the whole thing went wrong, the Conservative Party dissolved into an internal arm wrestling match, and the country voted to leave the EU. Clever Dave announced that he’ll resign as soon as someone in his party wins the arm-wrestling match, which is now about who gets to replace him.

Bye, Dave.

Moody and irrelevant photo: a man watching the fog roll in. Moody and irrelevant photo: a man watching the fog roll in.

Then the MPs who belong to the Labour Party, who you’d think would be out celebrating the Conservative-on-Conservative war, called for a vote of no confidence in their own leader, Jeremy Corbyn, who they’ve hated from the time he…

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Life Changing Invention

Forget Jonas Salk, Eli Whitney, George Washington Carver, and Thomas Alva Edison. Sure, they were great inventors, but did a single one of them think to create this?

  Finally, some enterprising genius has invented a poolside chair that will allow one to suntan one’s back without compromising comfort. No more deciding which side of the face is going to get sunshine while the other side is plastered sweatily against the chair. No more aching neck. No more abandoning one’s book while working on a complete tan.

I’m seriously considering plunking down the $99.99 (plus $10 shipping) for one of these ergonomic delights. Or, maybe my children would go in halvsies on one for my 60th birthday. (October 5, hint, hint)

Here’s the catalog:

 Note the 1-800 number. 

Peace, people!

Summer Night

Long hot nights cruising Main, driving super slow with the windows rolled down, 

The radio cranked to a soft rock station. Witchy woman sing along; see how high 

She flies. Loose limbed, loosed tongue, necking in the backseat to Eagles’ live

Rendition. Good girl says whoa. Bad girl says go. She’s got the moon in her eyes.

Traffic slides by, wraiths on a river; heavy breathing, heavy petting. Hearts beat in

Sultry unison. Hands discover new delights. Tick tock. Curfew saves the night.

Want free stuff and party with friends.

I’m ready! Great post from

Bee Organized with Pamela

Well who wouldn’t!!  Right.

Summer Closet Purge


Summer Clothing Swap

Do you feel like you need a bigger closet? You don’t have anything to wear? Want to add something new your closet without spending a dime? Have a party!

Want to make a fun girls night in? Tell your gals what you are doing, have them bring their donations and host a clothing swap party.

Abigail Keenan photo-1460667362056-d19c37b64d13.jpg Photo by Abigail Keenan

So before you can have a party you and your gal’s have to purge your closets and determine what can and needs to go.

When did you last empty your closet? When you moved in? Well that’s too long.

First you need to get a trash bag and a box.

Everything will go in one of 3 places trash, keep or donate. The box is the donation box. Your “keep” goes in a pile on the bed.

Time to clear…

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