There’s No Place Like Home for a Faerie

Our faerie family decided today that they could return to their home.

They still have some cleanup to do, but they gathered in their garden to thank me and all of you for supporting them during Hurricane Hermine. 

They’d so admired one of my decorative plates that I presented it to them as a gift. I think it will be appreciated by the wee folk more than it ever was by me. And it makes a colorful backdrop for their garden.

Quite frankly, it was time they moved out. It’s not that I didn’t want them staying in the house, but the cats were having a hard time remembering that they’d pledged not to eat them. I can’t imagine the bad karma that might ensue from having one’s cats devour a fae family.

Peace, people!

Once and Future Flowers

I found these lurking in my front yard.   
The best thing about photographing flowers is that, for the most part, they remain stationary.   
And they never blink or need their makeup refreshed. 

 And they make me happy. We need more happy.

Peace, people!

Patience, Grasshopper

Softly tapping foot

Should signal my impatience

Yet here I still wait.

Drumming fingers, too provide

A clue I’m restless.

However no relief comes.

Waiting still. Patience.


Grasshopper, you sneak

Gobbling up every leaf

Destroying gardens

But you, too must eat to live

Just dine elsewhere, please.