Jared Kushner— Hind Sight

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Donald Trump is tweeting “Russian hoax” again, and that can only mean one thing.

Something is up, and he’s panicking.


Forbes Magazine, December 20, 2016, touted Jared Kushner as the enigmatic golden boy who was the secret behind Donald Trump’s surprise win. Eric Smith, former CEO of Google said: “Best I can tell, he actually ran the campaign and did it with essentially no resources.”

Handsome confidence with a big smile.

Back to the gushing Forbes interview, what did Kushner say exactly?

“I called somebody who works for one of the technology companies that I work with, and I had them give me a tutorial on how to use Facebook micro-targeting. We brought in Cambridge Analytica. I called some of my friends from Silicon Valley who were some of the best digital marketers in the world. And I asked them how to scale this stuff . …

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Same Healthcare Bill, Different Name — Who to Call

Please read this piece by alotfromlydia.wordpress.com.

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This latest Republican offer to gut healthcare has been called a sneak attack. They intend to push it to vote on September 30, with out discussing its potential effects, but what’s the point of discussing it? In essentials, this is the same bill they keep offering, re-named: “Skinny Repeal,” “American Health Care Act,” “Graham/Cassidy,” “Candy/Gram,”…
Land Shark


“The Graham-Cassidy bill preys on underserved communities … a clear and present danger”~The National Institute for Reproductive Health

“Graham-Cassidy would devastate the Medicaid program, increase out-of-pocket costs, and weaken or eliminate protections for people living with pre-existing conditions.” ~ American Public Health Association

“It could disrupt access to health care for millions of the more than 70 million Americans” ~Federation of American Hospitals

“This bill harms our must vulnerable patients”~The American Psychiatric Association

The following institutions are vehemently opposed to the Graham/Cassidy proposal:

  • American Medical Association
  • The American Psychiatric Association
  • The…

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Eugene (based on a true story)

I loved this story. I think you will, too. Read more at unbolt.me.

unbolt me


Let me make things clear right from the get-go. I’m not a believer.

I don’t believe in supernatural geezers with unkempt beards and such, even though I deeply respect religious liberty. Even if you’re a passionate parishioner of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and wear a colander instead of a hat, I promise that as long as you don’t try to hang spaghetti from my ears, I’m completely tolerant.

Well… actually, I don’t know why I started with this declaration. I wanted to tell you something quite different. I wanted to tell you about Eugene.


I noticed him when I was going to my yoga class. I normally wouldn’t have paid attention to yet another beggar on the street if he hadn’t been busy with a pretty unusual thing.

Now, you could say, “Tati, what’s so unusual about needlework? Embroidery is no big deal.” Yes…

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Trump Angers Supporters by Working With Democrats…(or not)

Amazing what havoc one man can wreak. Read more at alotfromlydia.wordpress.com

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Donald Trump has agreed to work with Democrats to save “Dreamers” —Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, allowing 690k to stay in the US and continue working, studying, serving in the military.

No he didn’t…

but he has…

“We agreed to enshrine the protections of DACA into law quickly, and to work out a package of border security, excluding the wall, that’s acceptable to both sides,” ~ Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi

No he hasn’t…

“No deal has been made.” ~Donald Trump


Umm you did until just now…

Donald Trump finally shook off his die hard supporters…this time by doing something humane.
What does Satans female counterpart think about all this?

Steve King, heartless Republican GOP rep, (redundant I know), is disillusioned by a Trump inconsistency. He hasn’t been paying attention, or he’s agreed with all the inconsistencies so far:


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Trey Gowdy is the New David Nunes.

Great piece here by alotfromlydia.wordpress.com.

A lot from Lydia

We have two government investigations simultaneously taking place, supposedly working toward the same goal, and yet one is actively working against the other to end both investigations.

Remember former House Intel Committee Chief David Nunes? This past April, he held an impromptu press conference, without discussing his plans to do so with the committee, falsely backing up Trump’s “Obama wiretapped me” claim.

He was attempting to assist Trump in discrediting the FBI investigation, then led by former FBI Director James Comey, by falsely claiming their investigation was based on information gathered illegally when former President Obama “wiretapped” Trump Tower.

Nunes seems to have disappeared, or been run out of town. He’s still there, although he kind of sort of recused himself (not really) from the committee. He retained the right to oversee committee subpoenas.
His behavior in April was illegal, and is part of the case against Trump and his…

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Sam Hamill: Poetry, Politics, and Zen

Thoughtful and thought provoking.

Vox Populi

If only we could touch the things of this world at their center, if we could only hear tiny leaves of birch struggling toward April, then we would know.

Nothing will change until we demolish the “we-they” mentality. We are human, and therefore all human concerns are ours. And those concerns are personal.

The only thing we all agree on, virtually every poet in this country, is that this Administration is really frightening, and we want something done about it.

Poetry transcends the nation-state. Poetry transcends government. It brings the traditional concept of power to its knees. I have always believed poetry to be an eternal conversation in which the ancient poets remain contemporary, a conversation inviting us into other languages and cultures even as poetry transcends language and culture, returning us again and again to primal rhythms and sounds.

My ethics, my sense of morality…

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Please help our fellow Americans in Texas. Thank you!

Good piece from fellow blogger cornfedcontessa.com.


UPDATE: I had a comment from a reader asking about donating clothing to flood victims in Texas. Here is a link to a press release from FEMA regarding donations: FEMA PRESS RELEASE According to the press release, cash donations are best at this time. Here is a quote from the press release: “Cash donations offer…the […]

via Just Thought You Should Know… How You Can Help Texas Flood Victims — The Purple Almond

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Quietly Altruistic — Meh

Alotfromlydia.wordpress.com sees through Trump’s supposed altruism.

A lot from Lydia

If you’re in the luckiest one per cent of humanity, you owe it to the rest of humanity to think about the other 99 per cent.~ Warren Buffett

Donald Trump and his sons want you to know he has pledged $1 million to victims of this week’s storm. They want main stream media to put it out there. It is out there.

Also out there: According to Forbes, over the past decade, Eric Trump’s own charity, the proceeds of which go to St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital’s cancer research, has paid Trump organization more than $1.2 million ~from the charity’s funds~ for the annual one-day use of their golf course. Quiet altruism at work?

Whether Trump actually donates what he pledges remains to be seen. His track record is not good even for his own fund raising efforts.

Trump’s offer of $1 million dollars follows offers by a list of…

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