How I Spent My Evening

Studly Doright played a round of golf last night, so I spent my evening on our screened-in back porch. My time was well spent, and I chronicled my experience on Facebook. Oh, wine consumption was involved.

And if that wasn’t exciting enough….

Of course, at some point the excitement must wane…

Here’s my view:

Sans squirrels, gators, and frogs.

Wishing you a gator-free evening.

Peace, people.

I “Like” My Own Posts

My blog has a new follower:


I “like” my own posts,

But I haven’t gone overboard

With praise for my writing.

That would be pure vanity.

Neither have I critiqued it

Negatively, though.

I’m fairly certain the writer is daft

And I’d hate to hurt her


If You Give a Girl a Lime

If you give a girl a lime, she’s going to need a knife to cut it into wedges.

After you give her a knife, she’ll cut her finger slicing the lime, and ask for a band-aid.

You’ll get her a band-aid, but the sight of blood will make her woozy, so she’ll ask for some gin.

And once she has some gin, she’s going to need some tonic water.

Of course, she’ll need a glass to put the gin and tonic in.

Since she has a band-aid on her finger, she’ll ask you to squeeze the lime into the glass for her.

Once the gin and tonic and lime are in the glass, obviously, she’ll feel the need to stir, so she’ll ask for a swizzle stick.

After she stirs the gin and tonic, she’s going to need an ice cube or two.

Now that her drink is mixed, she’ll ask for some privacy.

If she repeats these steps several times, the girl is going to need another lime.

Studly Doright brought home one lime a couple of days ago. What’s a girl to do?