Another really fine and thought-provoking piece by Jan Wilberg at redswrap.wordpress.com

Red's Wrap

IMG_4686Anything can happen.

I remember my daughter telling me this. It was after the apartment next to hers in Palm Springs blew up in the middle of the night. She’d been in her new place just a few days, unwittingly moving next door to a meth lab. So it blew up and there was fire and fire trucks and her escape from harm and her call from a phone booth across the street from her apartment.

It was three in the morning when the phone rang. It rang and rang out in the hallway of our old beach house on Lake Superior. It was a phone that sat on a tiny table, the way phones used to do when they functioned as family anchors. I got out of bed, searching for a light I didn’t need, wasting time. Stalling. No one calls at three in the morning to sell…

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Honoring Hard Times

The hard times. Beautiful piece by Jan Wilberg.

Red's Wrap

Wooden fish

There are times in my family’s life that are never spoken of. Hard times, rough patches. Every family with any substance, especially families that have taken on the challenge of growing by adoption, has had these times. I don’t trust families who’ve had just smooth sailing and can’t manage their way around a police station or an inpatient unit. I joke. Somewhat.

When there is a hard time or, say, a great disappointment, it can be an estranging thing. One generally doesn’t want to be around people who disappoint them or anger them or, maybe the worst of all, puzzle and confound them. So we withdraw and protect ourselves. It’s a reflex more than a strategy. This can happen even while the two people are in the same house, but it’s easy as pie when they’re under separate roofs, when you have to go out of your way to see…

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March For Our Lives: St. Augustine 3/24/2018

Lots of great signs from my friend in St. Augustine, FL. Read more at snakesinthegrassblog.com

Snakes in the Grass

The march in St. Augustine, Florida began on the east side of the Bridge of Lions and ended with a rally on the grounds of the Castillo de San Marcos.


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Late Lessons

You should read this piece by Jan Wilberg aka redswrap.wordpress.com.

Red's Wrap

I think you have to be careful about how bad you feel for someone else because it puts a burden on them that you probably don’t intend.

I realized this long after I’d listened to a friend tell me about her daughter’s suicide. At the time, I felt almost paralyzed by grief, as if there were invisible droplets of nerve gas hanging like tiny Christmas lights all around me.  I listened and tried to manage my body language.

She told me things, the truth as it were, she told me the truth. I tried to reconcile this truth with what I was doing which was eating, I was sitting eating a wrap and coleslaw as if everyday I listened to tragic death stories over lunch. The obscenity of it struck me. What had happened was hideous in all ways. Unjust, terrible, and irrevocable. I nodded but I wanted to rend…

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The Trump/Russia Tree

You really need to read this post. Then check out more posts by alotfromlydia.wordpress.com.

A lot from Lydia

If we come out of this Trump blip in history with a lesson learned it will be that everything is connected. Trump/Russia is a tree with many branches.

Chaos is the flower bud on the Trump/Russia tree, and Trump thrives on chaos, or he claims to. The White House has been in a constant state of it since he took office, and Trump is playing the “I meant to do that” game.

Russians grew Trump. At root, he owes them money but, that scary mob of axe wielding thugs has something else over him, and they use it to control him.

Since chaos is a flower on the Trump/Russia tree, the fruit must be fear. Putin punishes mistakes and disloyalty.

Case in point— Sergei Skripal, a former Soviet spy, who had been cooperating with investigators, is hospitalized in critical condition after being exposed to an unknown substance in the UK…

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Why don’t we Shut up and listen?

Great piece and better advice from nonsmokingladybug.wordpress.com

The happy Quitter!

Related image

Too often I see the elderly talking, instead of listening. They -just like me- think they know it all and they are so eager to spread their wisdom, regardless if wanted or unwanted. 

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Before you go to sleep in your warm and cozy home tonight, think of the blankets, and of those who sleep on them. Thank you Jan, at redswrap.wordpress.com for caring about the welfare of our fellow human beings.

Red's Wrap

Sometimes the blankets are warm from having been slept on just minutes before. This happens when someone gets up, gathers up his blankets in a bundle, and makes a beeline to the storage room. They seem to be saying, here’s my bed. I’m done with it. Take it. It feels strange receiving still-warm blankets, an action too intimate to occur between strangers but that is what we do.

Other times, the blankets are folded and stacked, cool as if displayed on a counter in a department store. Always the largest blanket is on the bottom and the smaller ones are centered atop, the corners aligned. Nothing haphazard for the people who fold their own blankets. Maybe it’s a message they want to send; we are more careful and thoughtful than we seem here.

Both the gatherers and the folders have spent the night sleeping on the floor of a cavernous…

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Parade for Cap’n Bonespurs… a limerick

Concise and true. Read more at alotfromlydia.wordpress.com

A lot from Lydia

Our great Cap’n Bonespurs wants a parade

The Pentagon is to use taxes paid

What a fresh new idea!

Like Russia and North Korea

This is how dictators are made


<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/bewildered/”>Bewildered</a>

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If We Burn

Such power in these words. Read more by Robert Okaji at robertokaji.com.

O at the Edges


If We Burn

What flares instead to replace our
privileged nights? And which

assemblage of words could reorder these
deaths into comprehension,

change I can’t breathe from epitaph
to actuated plea for help?

Are words ever enough?
Can we stack our indifference and fear

into a mile-high pyre, and torching it
watch them rise to nothingness,

disappearing through the clouds
into the streaming light of cold, dark stars?

Raise your hands and sing. Blow softly
upon the ember. Inhale and recall.

Do you still feel? Will you breathe?
Every fire needs oxygen.

* * *

“If We Burn” first appeared on this blog in December, 2014. It’s also included in my chapbook, If Your Matter Could Reform.


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This Word – Embrace

What’s your word for this year? Read more at savoringsixty.com

Savoring Sixty and Beyond

Most of us look forward to the new year and see it as an opportunity to make a fresh start.  Resolutions are made and some people are lucky enough to actually reach their goal.  Based on an article I recently read I decided to try something different this year and choose a word.

The concept of choosing one word to focus on each day of the year is appealing to me. Maybe focusing on just one word, and letting that one word guide me each day, might help me in my approach to all aspects of my life during the new year.


But which word?  Words like trust, simplicity, and discipline came to mind, but none of them fully satisfied or expressed what I wanted for this year.  They are all great words, but my objective is to sincerely BE as well as DO this word in my daily life, and…

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