That Damned Word

Friends, I debated long and hard about sharing this information on my blog, but my thoughts are all tangled up right now and maybe this will help me sort them out.

As many of you know, our grandson had an appendectomy last Monday. He wasn’t improving as expected and they took him back into surgery on Thursday to have a look around. They drained some fluid and inserted a drainage tube. Afterwards he felt better and we thought, “yay!”

Then this morning my daughter received a call from the surgeon. They’d found something called a neuroendocrine tumor in Garrett’s appendix. And it was cancerous. That damned word.

So, right now they’re letting Garrett’s post-op swelling subside. They’ll do some diagnostic tests to see what other organs might be affected, but it’s a given that they’ll remove his gallbladder in a procedure yet to be scheduled.

Prayers are welcomed. Good vibes appreciated. Our Garrett is a super smart, exceptionally kind young man bound for great things. We’re going to tackle this damned word and beat it.

Peace, people.

The Nerve of Some People!

I received a message on Facebook today from a guy who seemed interested in buying my book. I directed him to Amazon, then he came back with this:

Can anyone explain why someone would think this is all right? Then he had the nerve to say, “I hope I didn’t offend you.” Weird.

Peace, people!

When Leslie Met the Dudes

My beautiful and talented friend, Shehanne Moore, made one of my dreams come true when she allowed me to interact with the hamstah dudes. What an honor! —Leslie

Here’s the blurb from the back cover: “How well can a wife ever know her husband? Paula Arnett would swear she knows everything about hers, that is, …

When Leslie Met the Dudes