Snapshot #271

I’m recovering from a day of travel on Monday. From a 6 a.m. central time zone wake up to a 2:00 a.m. eastern time zone bedtime with no naps in between, I was a zombie for most of Tuesday.

That’s why you’re only getting this picture of my grandcat, Snuggles, who wanted to kiss me goodbye before I left Illinois.

Let’s call this one, I Wonder If I Could Smuggle Her in My Luggage.

Snapshot #269

I love a good bumper sticker, but Studly Doright frowns on me putting any on our cars. When I saw this well decorated car at my favorite vegan cafe, I was struck by a case of “Bumper Sticker Envy.” Oh, to be this visually outspoken.

☮️, people!

Snapshot #274

I found this little fellow at an estate sale today. If I’d been assured that he was house trained, I’d have purchased him.

I think I’ll call this one, Never Feed Him After Midnight, No Matter How Much He Begs.

The Pet Rock fad lasted about six months in 1975-76, and it made their creator, Gary Dahl, a millionaire.

Peace, people.

Thank you

To the Starbucks barista who always knows my order before I finish saying, “grande,” thank you.

And to the young man who extended his hand through the open sun roof of his car to wave at me, thank you.

Thank you, husband, for calling when you’re running late so I won’t worry.

To my daughter, thanks for sending videos of my grandkids as they do ordinary things in extraordinary ways.

My son, thank you for finding ways to allow me to be useful these days.

Friends, near and far, for making me laugh, keeping me sane, and calling out my b.s., thanks so much.

Blogging community thank you for broadening my world!

Peace, people!