I’m Glad You Asked

Friday night I’m going to an event hosted by Midtown Reader, Tallahassee’s lovely independent bookstore, where authors James Patterson and Mike Lupica will be talking about their newest collaboration.

I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Patterson several years ago, and I asked him a question that was the equivalent of “how does your main character like his eggs?” I don’t recall the actual question, just that it resulted in a bewildered look on the author’s face.

And that might be why there will be no author signings this go around.

I’ve never been asked to do a book signing, but if I ever am, I’ll be able to answer even the dumbest question. Take that, Mr. Patterson. (He was very gracious, by the way. Just perplexed.)

Peace, people!

New Year; Old Me

Visiting with one of my favorite baristas this morning as he mixed my almond milk chai latte, I couldn’t help but get caught up in his excitement as he told me about his New Year’s Eve plans. He and a couple of friends are headed to Atlanta to a big party. He promised they had a hotel room and wouldn’t drive impaired. He didn’t even roll his eyes when I insisted.

He asked what my plans were. I told him, then we laughed and laughed. Seems going to bed at 8:30 p.m. on NYE isn’t as cool as I imagined.

However you celebrate, be careful. I, for one, plan to wear my slippers with the safety soles so I don’t slip on the tile floor after I’ve had a few drinks. Don’t sip and slide. That’s my motto.

Peace, people! And Happy New Year!

Fact Meets Fiction

I write books with a splash of action to them. In my current work in progress, there’s a scene in which police officers converge on a location while my main character, Paula, is on a ride along with a sheriff’s deputy. She witnesses a crime in progress and gleans a key piece of information that could help law enforcement find the perpetrator.

Needless to say, it’s a harrowing experience for Paula, but until this morning I had little idea of just how much such an incident might result in a spike of adrenaline.

I’d been on the phone with my friend, Flo, most of the morning, discussing the above mentioned work in progress. When our call ended, I slapped on some makeup and headed into Tallahassee for lunch at my favorite place. I was running a bit later than usual today, and hoping my lunch destination wasn’t too busy.

Turning into the parking lot, I was startled by the sight of a plain white sedan headed straight for me. Half a second later, I realized the car was an unmarked police cruiser as its discreetly placed lights were activated.

I thought the car needed to get past me to head onto the street I’d just turned off of, but as I moved out of the way, the place was swarmed by additional cars from various law enforcement agencies. I navigated out of their way and back onto the street as smoothly as possible as officers emerged from their vehicles with guns drawn.

Y’all I was shaking.

My first thought was about the employees there who make me feel more like family than a customer. Was the cafe being robbed? Were they hostages?

My second thought was, well, essentially the same as the first.

I drove around the block and kept an eye on the situation from a nearby corner. When the police began dispersing, I got up the nerve to return, and was relieved to find all my “kids” safe and sound.

The details of the reasons behind the incident are still sketchy. I may never know why the officers converged on my favorite eatery, but now, I think I might need to rewrite Paula’s reaction to witnessing the robbery in my book. Her adrenaline levels need to go way, way up.

Peace, people.

Mind. Blown.

Dear Readers,

Did you know that Alexa will read a book from your kindle library? Holy cow! Just a few minutes ago I said, “Alexa, read Mayhem at the Happy Valley Motor Inn and Resort from my kindle library.” And now she’s doing it! 😳

While Alexa doesn’t have a lot of inflection to her voice, it’s not bad! Not bad at all.

I’m blown away–technology just continues to amaze me.

Now pardon me, I need to find out what happens to Paula and Cassie next. Ah, the benefits of a short memory.

Peace, people!

Mayhem at the Happy Valley Motor Inn and Resort (The Happy Valley Series Book 1), available on Amazon, along with books 2 and 3 in the series. Oh, there’s also a stand alone romance of the sweet, yet spicy variety//The Cowboy and the Executive. Might need to listen to that one tonight. Wink, wink.

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