What a Patriot Dreams

Heart wrenching. Please read this piece by Stephanie Harper at silharperpoetry.com.


Desert Flags2
What a Patriot Dreams

I saw the flags come down—
in a scene that scrolled in slo-mo,
& from multiple vantages—
their masts falling like the trees
flattened by shockwaves
in those clips of old footage
from military nuclear bomb tests,
spliced into documentaries
for high school history classes;

except, my dream version’s vivid images
weren’t the projected celluloid etchings
that teenagers confined to plastic chairs
could summarily cancel from sight
with one hand motioning No
in the universal vernacular.

From a sweeping arc of floodlights
that rendered the indigo skyline
of an early-summer dusk starless,
the flags all vanished at once—
their wingless, red-white-blue heaps
crushing in on themselves, darkening,
& dropping like torn parachutes.

Sleep’s last claim on my consciousness
was that horizon of empty haloes
the mass plummet had left behind,
before my eyes fluttered open
to this morning’s first, grainy insinuations
that breached the blinds’…

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Trump Tries a New Story on for Size

A lot from Lydia

“I think Comey was the ringleader of this whole den of thieves. It was a den of thieves they were plotting against my election. Probably it’s never happened like that in terms of intelligence and in terms of anything else — but they were actually plotting against my election.” Donald J Trump June 16, 2017

The man lies knowing full well there is proof on film that he is lying.


Why does he continue to lie so blatantly? Because it works. His tactic of repeating lies until they are accepted as fact got him elected. And they keep his “people sitting up at attention when he speaks”, just like North Koreans do with Kim Jong Un.

I saw some unsettling numbers yesterday regarding this “Trump, Russerrr investigation”:

  • 59% of voters don’t know about the indictments & guilty pleas
  • Mueller’s approval rating is, at an all time low, 32%
  • Only…

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From Jan Wilberg’s piece, “The deep and durable harm being visited on border children right now by our United States government is fully and completely intentional.“

Red's Wrap

The kids in the orphanage in Nicaragua where we adopted three children didn’t cry. They’d already done their crying someplace else.

They might have looked concerned but they didn’t cry when passed from one person to the next like a bowl of mashed potatoes being passed at Thanksgiving dinner. In their tiny heads they had figured out the futility of complaint. There was no use crying, it wouldn’t change anything.

They had already lost everything.

Children cope with abandonment. They will appear to cope at least. And how they appear to cope is that they don’t cry. It won’t be long before the little children who have been separated from their parents by American immigration officials, who feel the same as if their parents had abandoned them on the side of the road, it won’t be long before they stop crying. Because crying won’t change anything.

In their minds, they…

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Happy Fathers Day to the Senators Who Take Children

Information at your fingertips. There’s no excuse for not contacting your members if Congress. Thanks to
Alotfromlydia.wordpress.com for preparing f and posting this.

A lot from Lydia

I think it’s appropriate, on this day when we celebrate fathers, to give a shout out to all the members of the Senate who will not sponsor a bill that would stop Donald J Trump’s policy of separating migrant children from their parents.

Happy Fathers Day Senators! Enjoy the day with your children while 2000 migrant children sit, without the protection of their parents, in the concentration camps you played a part in creating.

This list does not include the House of Representatives, which is why you don’t see other familiar names, like Paul Ryan and Devin Nunez.

The following story is hard to read, so imagine what it is to live through.

What’s Really Happening When Asylum-Seeking Families Are Separated? – Texas Monthly

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Happy Father’s Day

Remembering my Daddy on Father’s Day.

Praying for Eyebrowz

This was originally posted on Sunday, June 17, 2016.

Gerald Delane Hall






Great grandfather

A special man, my dad, not perfect, heck, he didn’t even try to be. But he was fun:

–Teller of inappropriate jokes, and a gambling fool.

–Measurer of miles in terms of six packs consumed.

–Lacking political correctness, yet treated everyone as an equal.

–Maker of friends wherever he went.

–Soft of heart.

–My biggest fan.

I miss this man.

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Deep Space

From my brilliant friend at redswrap.wordpress.com.

Red's Wrap

The world doesn’t need me to weigh in on suicide. But I will, if only to sort out my own thinking.

I’ve been depressed but not clinically. I’ve never wanted to end my life. I cannot fathom feeling that suicide is the best option. But I can’t fathom deep space either though I know it exists. So I take Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade at their word. They determined suicide to be the best option. They alone knew the vast dark dimensions of their own deep space and I won’t second guess them.

Or their loved ones.

When a high profile suicide occurs, the implicit blaming begins. How? With the quick supposition that had only someone reached out, offered a hug and a phone number, the suicide could have been prevented. Be sure to tell your children, parents, friends that you love them! Hug your children. Let them know you…

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Who Still Believes Donald J. Trump Doesn’t Work for Russia?

Read this piece by alotfromlydia.wordpress.com.

A lot from Lydia

Donald Trump on allowing Russia back in the G7:

“We discussed it, and some people like the idea of bringing Russia back in. This used to be the G8, not the G7. Something happened a while ago that resulted in Russia no longer being in. I think it’d be an asset to have Russia back in. I think it would be good for the world, it would be good for Russia, it would be good for the United States…” “We’re looking for peace in the world, we’re not looking to play games.”


What is the “something that happened a while ago”?

Russia annexed Crimea. Oh, and they shot down a commercial airliner. I guess four years could be considered “a while ago”. Putin is definitely not playing games.


This meeting of the G7 was not held to consider readmitting Russia. Donald Trump, who would have you believe he…

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Supreme Court ruling on Wedding Cake for Gay Couple

I get this. A great piece by nonsmokingladybug.wordpress.com.

The happy Quitter!

Related image

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a Colorado baker has the legal right to refuse to make a wedding cake for a gay couple, because of his own religious objections to same-sex marriage and I understand the ruling -what might come as a surprise to many of you.

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Walking Farts

This is an oldie. Hope you enjoy!

Praying for Eyebrowz

Please excuse the title, but I’m all about truth in advertising. Most of the time, anyway.

About 15 years ago Studly and I took a big motorcycle trip with our good friends Guy and Janice. When I say big, I mean we rode from Great Bend, Kansas, to points in South Dakota and Wyoming including Sturgis, Mt. Rushmore, and Devils Tower of “Close Encounters” fame. it was my first major ride on my own bike, a 650 Yamaha V-Star. The V-Star was an absolutely beautiful cruiser with next to no horsepower. Keeping it at 65 mph took constant effort. I was fairly miserable for much of the trip–a combination of first ride nerves and no oomph.

The ride, though, was incredible after we escaped from the wind tunnels commonly known as Kansas and Nebraska. Once in South Dakota we rode through a cluster of wild burros in Custer State Park…

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“Kathy and the Cats” or The Power of Praise

Here’s one of my very first blog posts. It makes me smile.

Praying for Eyebrowz

I remember when I first wanted to be a writer. I was a second grader in Mrs. Gregory’s class at R.C. Andrews Elementary in Floydada, Texas. The class was assigned the task of writing a story based on a series of pictures. Those pictures remain imprinted on my mind:

Frame 1: a little blonde girl stands on her porch looking at a kitten
Frame 2: the little girl gives the kitten a bowl of milk
Frame 3: more kittens come to the porch
Frame 4: the little girl gets more milk
Frame 5: more kittens are on the porch
Frame 6: the girl’s hands are in the air and she looks distressed

Mom saved the story and every so often I find it tucked away in the pages of an old scrapbook. I must have just become familiar with the idea of using a period because they are everywhere, especially…

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