Oh, the Stories You’ll Hear

Clever and poetic!

A lot from Lydia

Soon you’ll hear stories truer than true

All of them told by coffee boys who

Were granted immunity to tell all

Trump Org CFO… is Trump’s downfall

Weisselberg now will cooperate

With Mueller, he has much to relate

Laundered money, sedition… we’ll learn

Of Mob ties, fraud, see tax returns

Then David Pecker, Donald Trump’s friend

From the Enquirer who only penned

Damning reports of Trump’s opponents

Pecker, you see, was Trump’s proponent

“Trump worries about Pecker leaking”

Helping Bob Mueller, strictly speaking,

Trump’s ex-attorney, Cohen, has tapes

Recorded dealings, Trump won’t escape

Affairs, by blows, and spousal abuse,

“The best people” have lips that are loose

Still, Trump damns himself with every tweet

He’ll be remembered, traitorous cheat

The day after Cohen’s guilty plea,

House Judiciary Committee

Scheduled a special meeting… but why?

Clinton’s e-mails. The House was Putin’s best buy

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Great way to organize and prioritize the college (or college alternative) decision making process. Read more at wakinguponthewrongsideof50.wordpress.com.

Waking up on the Wrong Side of 50

You know my family just completed a college tour road trip- 7 colleges, 16 states, 2800 miles.  Seeing 7 colleges brought the total up to 15 colleges visited.  My daughter has narrowed down her choices and is now starting the application process.  Here’s how she narrowed it down.

There are about 4000 colleges in the US.  Where do you go from there?  Well, the editor of the Princeton Review “Top 382 Colleges in America” gave a talk at my daughter’s school, and handed out copies of the book.  So we went from 4000 to 382 pretty quickly.  (Let me add, this is how we did it- you can narrow down the field anyway you want) But, along side this book, we had done a few tours of college campuses.  We spread the field a bit- we visited a few different campuses- state schools, private schools, undergrad enrollment less than 5000…

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Russian Television Offers Clarity

Alotfromlydia.wordpress.com lays out some key connections in this piece.

A lot from Lydia

Russian State controlled television hosts regularly openly discuss Trump’s subservience to Putin.

This week Evgeny Popov explained the recent “push” by the GOP for more severe sanctions against Russia as “an attempt to distance themselves from the perception”, implying there is no serious consideration being given to sanctioning Russia.

The bill is described by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-RussiaSC) as the “sanctions bill from Hell”.

Yeah, okay Comrade Graham.

The full text of the proposed legislation, entitled the “Defending American Security from Kremlin Aggression Act of 2018,” was released by the U.S. Congress on Aug. 14—but it was circulated by the Russian media one week earlier.  And the outrage against these “draconian” and “apocalyptic” measures was everywhere.’~ Reporter Julia Davis, The Beast

Legislation demanding harsher sanctions against Russia was put in the hands of Russian media a week before U.S. Congress released it to…

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Asana today, asada tomorrow? Goat yoga comes to Austin

Goat yoga might be good for baaaad girls. Read more at jeffcarmack.com.

Jeff Carmack - comedy writer

Not content with turning St. Patrick’s Day into an excuse to wear green and swill crap beer, or to mistakenly celebrate Mexican independence on Cinco de Mayo and swill crap beer, white America is slowly doing the same for yoga.

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Are we distracted enough yet?

You should read this piece by nonsmokingladybug.wordpress.com, and listen to the link featuring Noam Chomsky.

The happy Quitter!

I have always been a selective listener, not to be confused with having selective hearing -what so many of us practice when we grow up. I am now at an age where I have figured out a thing or two, and I am still determined to solve the rest of lives puzzle as well.

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What kind of people? Great piece by alotfromlydia.wordpress.com

A lot from Lydia


Allow their government to reverse the environmental regulations that protect food, air, and water?


Take healthcare from the sick, food from the hungry, and shelter from the elderly?


Take money from the poor to give more to those who already hoard half the worlds wealth?


Accept racism, and dictators?


Think it’s fine to spend: For $70 million in tax dollars so an illegitimate president golf, another $70 million for said potus to vacation, another $30 million for a military parade, $12 billion in tax dollars to be spent as an emergency bail out for farmers who suffer under his ignorant tariffs, $70 billion to build a Wall, $233 million to separate immigrant parents from their children?


Take babies from their parents without feeling any kind of…

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Do My Eyes Deceive Me, or is it Trump?

The latest from alotfromlydia.wordpress.com. I love how she cuts through the b.s.

A lot from Lydia

“Just remember, what you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening” ~ Donald Trump, 7/24/18


“The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command. ” ~ 1984 George Orwell

1. What you are seeing: A President named Donald Trump.

What’s really happening: Hillary Clinton was elected by a vast majority of Americans to be POTUS 45, but Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, and his team, hacked into our voting system, manipulated the outcome in key states thereby giving Trump the win by way of the electoral college. Exit polls did not correlate with the tally. They stole the presidency.

2. What’s happening: Rudy Giuliani tells us Donald Trump’s comments on tape are “exculpatory”, prove his innocence, because in them Trump tells his attorney Michael Cohen to write a check in order to preserve proper documentation of a…

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