Mysteries of Clonegam

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Making memories


This is one of the most peaceful views in the country. You are slowly driving uphill watching for pheasants and cars coming in the opposite direction, and when you finally reach the top of the hill you stop for a second to take in the view of the green fields dotted with ancient trees – a pastoral landscape rolling towards the Comeragh Mountains. Curraghmore Demesne, beautiful like a picture.


I parked my car at the Clonegam Church gate and used the stony steps to get on the other side of the wall. The whole herd of cows stopped grazing and stared at me. I crept along the wall and tried to blend with background. My target was too far away, and I didn’t want any cow companion to follow me. First I had to reach this group of trees encircled with stones.


If you enlarge this picture, you will see…

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GOP Believe Their Tax Plan Will Pass

C’mon people. Don’t let congress get away with this charade. Read more at

A lot from Lydia

How is it the GOP is confident their tax plan will pass? When did healthcare cuts become part of the tax bill?

“Apparently somewhere between the salad course and the entree, it was decided that permanent corporate tax cuts should be paid for, in part, by kicking 13 million Americans off their health care and raising premiums for millions more,” ~Senator Ron Wyden, Top Democrat on Finance panel

This tax bill is a covert attempt to gut healthcare, but the GOP somehow believes it’s different than previous failed attacks on ACA. Why? This bill gives money to the billionaires who make large donations to campaign funds of GOP members, so more congressional republicans are likely to vote yes to keep their cash cows lactating.

Those GOP members who were outspoken when they voted against the previous attacks on healthcare might put greed over the health needs of average Americans…

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The Christmas cards Facebook banned

Notes from the U.K.

A British artist’s Christmas cards were recently banned from Facebook for having “adult content.”

Adult content? That’s prude-speak for sex.

The banned cards showed a robin, a stag, and a squirrel, none of them doing anything unconventional for Christmas cards, although in fairness these are creatures who, in the normal course of their lives will either have sex or at least try to.

So why the ban? The artist says didn’t even describe the robin as being a red[gasp]breast, just a robin. She’s tried to get Facebook to reconsider but you can pretty well guess how well that’s worked.

It could be that the decision-making algorithm looked at some of her other cards. One reads, “No / Fucking / Ho.” But that’s not the one she was promoting, Still, thought the algorithm, There’s got to be something wrong with that robin.

The artist has a disabled husband and…

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If Now Was Then

Red's Wrap

A long time ago, I decided to leave the hotel room in Des Moines where I was staying with my boyfriend and drive back home to Milwaukee. He was drunk and insisting that we go out on the town and I was terrified of getting killed in a car accident.

He didn’t like my decision. My going stranded him in another state. It would end up being difficult for him to get home. He would have to take a Greyhound but that was okay because that’s what people did then. They waited in bus stations to go places they couldn’t get to on their own.

Because he disagreed with my decision, he pinned me on the bed. He was heavy, a very big man, so being pinned was no small situation. He also had his hands around my throat but, fortunately, for me at least, one of his hands had been damaged…

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Red's Wrap

My sister sat outside the bathroom door yelling instructions to me. It went on forever, mostly because what she was telling me to do was unbelievable.

It was my first tampon lesson.

Now I collect tampons and pads and give them to women who are homeless. I have a ton of both in my dining room right now waiting to be bagged up and delivered to shelters. It has become my thing. So much so people seek me out. Would I take 28 boxes of Depends? That is a lot of Depends – 80 to a box x 28 = 2,240 Depends. All Small-Medium. So you can be incontinent and homeless but hopefully you are on the small side.

It’s odd to have a long career and have its ending achievement be the collection of products that soak up bodily fluids.

My work is about data and program evaluation, strategic…

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Autumn in Mount Congreve I

A walk with Inese is never boring. Enjoy!

Making memories

mount congreve gardens

As I am away, you can walk through the Mount Congreve gardens all by yourself. These pictures were taken in early September.

mount congreve gardens

mount congreve gardens

Ancient tree with an ancient Hoof fungus on it.

mount congreve gardens

It is what a Rhododendron leaf looks like after a year on the forest floor.

mount congreve gardens

These steps take you under the thick canopy where the sun doesn’t shine and some mysterious, alien-looking things are growing.

mount congreve gardens

Strikingly beautiful plant with scarlet leaves is literally glowing in the dark. It is a Bromelia with a beautiful name Fascicularia bicolor.

mount congreve gardens

The ‘thing’ in the middle is the flower itself, or rather, a flower head which consists of many small flowers.

mount congreve gardens

mount congreve gardens

mount congreve gardens

Another alien thing. You will love the name – White Elfin Saddle.

mount congreve gardens

Well, this is too much of scary :). I advise you to click on the picture to enlarge it. It looks like this Hoof mushroom have lips!

mount congreve gardens

I think you…

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One Of Them

You really should read this this piece from


I, too, am an immigrant.

I may not be brown-skinned, but I’m still here to take your job.  My parents took your jobs, too.  I’m not sure if these are jobs Americans just won’t do.  All I know is that we’ve worked our butts off to build the life we’ve got in this country.  And I know undocumented immigrants who work even harder.

I may not wear a hijab, but I know what it’s like to be a refugee.  I know what it’s like to fear the government of my old homeland, and to hope and pray that I will be accepted in my new one.  And yet what my family experienced is nothing compared to those fleeing their bombed out houses and lives in Syria.

I’m lucky to have white skin, so I don’t stand out too much.  Unless I speak and you hear my accent, you may think…

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Five Stories Simmering in Todays News does a fine job of rounding up key pieces of the Mueller investigations.

A lot from Lydia

1. “DOJ identifies at least 6 mem­bers of the Russ­ian gov­ernment in­volved in hack­ing DNC computers in 2016.” ~ Wall Street Journal

I believe Donald Trump owes that fat guy in Jersey an apology.


Oh no, this one is bad news for Donald:

2. “I don’t think the president’s power is all that absolute, as people have been suggesting, the president cannot pardon people if it’s an effort to obstruct justice, if it’s an effort to prevent Bob Mueller and others from learning about the President’s own conduct. So, there are limitations.” ~ California Representative Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee

Time to revise his exit strategy.


3. “Ex-British spy paid $168,000 for Trump dossier, U.S. firm discloses.” ~Reuters

Umm Trump said it was $12 million. He made a mistake?


Is that the “low level coffee boy” /

Trump advisor turned FBI informant…

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If He Could Pick One Day Not to Be Donald Trump– This Might Be It…

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A lot from Lydia

There will doubtless be worse days for Trump in future. To sum up my favorite parts of today…for those not watching news 24/7:

Paul Manafort and his associate Rick Gates turned out to be Bob Mueller’s mystery dates. Both entered not guilty pleas.
Both were released after: posting bond–Manafort $10 million, Gates $5 million, and relinquishing their passports…but they were not not really released. They were placed on “house arrest.”

*Just a side note to the FBI from a mother of three–Every 18 year old has a fake drivers licence, based on that fact alone, I would think Paul Manafort could get a fake passport.

There are reports claiming the no knock middle of the night raid on Manafort’s home, back in July, afforded the FBI information they needed– documents he had told the DOJ did not exist– regarding his lobbying campaign on behalf of a Ukrainian political party, aligned…

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