Summer Night

Long hot nights cruising Main, driving super slow with the windows rolled down, 

The radio cranked to a soft rock station. Witchy woman sing along; see how high 

She flies. Loose limbed, loosed tongue, necking in the backseat to Eagles’ live

Rendition. Good girl says whoa. Bad girl says go. She’s got the moon in her eyes.

Traffic slides by, wraiths on a river; heavy breathing, heavy petting. Hearts beat in

Sultry unison. Hands discover new delights. Tick tock. Curfew saves the night.

Catch and Release

Hold my hand,
Say the right lines.
Give me something,
Solid to believe in.

Scramble my brain,
Realign the stars.
Make me question
Heaven and hell.

Parade my intellect
Along with my form.
Chastise my tastes
In music and art.

I’ll sip discreetly from a
Chalice of champagne,
Inhale collitas rising
Through the refrain.

Loosen the bindings
My soul in a slow burn
Chafe my wrists
Until feeling returns.

Don’t be surprised
If I don’t reappear
Even if I do
I won’t be the same.
peace, people!

Going to the Cats

We’ve recently found ourselves saying final goodbyes to musicians who’ve left indelible marks on this world. Songwriters and vocalists who were the voices we turned to for solace and inspiration. David Bowie, Glenn Frey, and Natalie Cole have all been taken from us way before their time. It’s been a depressing way to begin 2016.




But as I was shopping for lotion and makeup at Ulta this morning, I heard these groundbreaking lyrics, “Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow,” and thought, yes, we are doomed. It wasn’t a lullabye, and it wasn’t a commercial for cat food. There were additional lyrics, but the meow really was the best part of the song.

And to think I have talented friends and relatives waiting for their respective big breaks in the music business and some schlub gets air time repeatedly singing “meow.”

It’s a crazy world. 

Peace, people!

How about some Eagles to get your day started?