Hooray for Dollywood

I won’t write much this morning. My friend Nicky and I explored Dollywood yesterday and had so much fun.

We got home late thanks to road construction on two lanes of the busy interstate. It took us about 45 minutes to travel 3 1/2 miles, but we made good time once we were free of the traffic cones. We talked non-stop, though, so there was no wasted time.

Today we’re going into Virginia to see a theatrical production of Steel Magnolias at the Barter Theatre in Abingdon. I’m proactively packing extra Kleenex for the event.

Gotta go take my shower so we can get going. Peace, people!

Photos from Birdsong

On Sunday I met up with members of the Tallahassee Women’s Meetup group for a visit to Birdsong Nature Center outside of Thomasville, Georgia. This was my second visit to Birdsong, and I had eagerly anticipated the trip.


Anticipation can sometimes be the enemy, and leave one feeling disappointed by reality, but Birdsong delivered the magic once again.

Here are just a few of my extremely amateurish photos.

Dogwood in bloom:

A titmouse at the window:

A bright red cardinal:

Wild azaleas:

A nice fat woodpecker:

An even fatter squirrel:

The Listening Place:

And one more cardinal:

What a glorious day!

Peace, people.


If someone had told me
when I was sixteen
and insecure
that I’d come to enjoy
my own company more
than that of others
I’d have laughed.
Loud and long and clear.

But here I am perched
on the deck, watching
the fish jump and the birds
swoop. There’s not another
human in sight. And that’s
the best part. Just me, the
lake, the fish and my
fondest memories.

Birdsong Expert

Listening to the forest come to life is educational, and now my interest is beyond recreational.

I’ve become quite an expert in identifying birds by the sounds of their trills, now to put it in words.

There are the “Birdy Birdy” birds ’cause that’s what they say and the “Cheery Cheery” birds beckoning play.

One I’ve dubbed “Whistler’s Mum” for its lilting melodies, and another the “Car Alarm.” So annoying. Stop please!

“Dog Call” is the perfect name for one feathered friend, while “Scolder” seems anxious to point out my sins.

One poses a question, I call it, “Say What?” Just one tree over “Look at Me”
thinks he’s so hot.

Surely the experts on nature will soon call to consult me in matters of bird life, et. al.

Peace people!

Frog Talk And Wonder Woman

Studly Doright is still snoring. I’m sitting on the screened in porch, sipping my coffee and waiting for the sun to rise. It’ll be at least another half hour before the lake gets any rays, and the darkness is deep. I wouldn’t venture out past the back door just yet; although, I imagine Wonder Woman wouldn’t be afraid of the dark.

The frogs are busy. They don’t croak. They click and clack and chirp. Some sound like those pendulum desk toys with metal balls bouncing off one another faster and faster, louder and louder, until they suddenly cease as if a large hand has intervened in the laws of physics.

When the amphibians’ chatter ends, birds begin tentatively singing their morning songs. Some contribute lilting melodies while others sound vaguely like annoying car alarms. Where is the giant’s hand?

The sky has begun to lighten and the squirrels are dancing in the dry leaves as my cat Patches attends to their every move. I imagine in her dreams she chases them down and gives them a good scolding. 

I really don’t want to move from this spot, but even Wonder Woman has work to do.

Peace, and good morning, people!

Sitting on the Deck in the Company of Cats

Sunday morning wake up call, a pair of paws pat my face

Up, hurry up, we need a treat and then they’re off in heated race.

Pull on favorite Sunday wear, faded sundress and flip flops,

Splash some water on my face, run a brush through my mop.

Stumblebum into the kitchen, set coffee on to brew,

Putter bleary-eyed to the place where the felines sit and mew.

By their urgency one would think they’d not eaten in days,

Their respective weights dispel that lie in unambiguous ways.

Coffee’s perked, a cup is poured, I grab my current book,

And slip outside to honeysuckle’s welcome in my sheltered nook.

Ripples slide across the lake, while a tiny lizard scampers,

My cats examine its every move in hopes that they can batter.

And I sit and sip my coffee with a splash of Irish cream,

As breezes rustle through the pines and invite sweet daydreams.

Peace, people.

Celebrating Spring

Cute pictures of baby animals with some simple verse interspersed. My work here is done!


Well there you are, Spring!

Full of promise, bright sunshine,

And budding flowers.

Shhh! Learn to listen

To birds chirping, bees humming

Nature’s symphony.


Grab a front row seat

To the pageantry and joy

No ticket required.

Peace, people!