Suffering from a Severe Lack of Oomph

I surrender! I have all these photos of the grandkids’ visit, but not the oomph needed to write about them. My oomph evaporated on Monday afternoon when I left the kids at the airport in Panama City Beach, and I’m not sure when it’s coming back.

Life continues, though, as does this blog, so I’m going to take the easy, less oomph reliant path and just post photos. If the spirit moves me, I might even comment on them. If not, well, make up your own captions. Oh, I started at the end of their visit and went backwards for some reason.

Here are a few from our morning in Panama City Beach before we headed to the airport:

Dominique and friend, Sophia, pose outside Dick’s Last Resort.

Enjoying a pineapple drink on the promenade.

Dominique pushing Jackson in a beach wheelchair so he wouldn’t get sand in his cast. I pushed him out to the beach and she pushed him back to the pavement. Hey, I think I know the moment my oomph disappeared!

Ahhh! The sun and the sand and the water.

Dining at Dick’s Last Resort, where the waiters are rude on purpose and the giggles are non-stop.

From our trip to Wild Adventures in Valdosta, Georgia on Sunday:

Poppa (aka Studly Doright) and Jackson built a motorcycle during the kids’ visit. For some reason I didn’t take any “before” photos, but this bike was in pieces at the beginning of last week:

Tallahassee Museum and Zoo is one of the grandkids’ (and grandparents’) favorite places to visit.

While the two 15-year-olds embarked on the tree-to-tree adventure,

Jackson, Studly, and I explored the zoo area:

At Jackson’s request we went “thrifting.”

And I took the girls sightseeing and swimming at Wakulla Springs:

And that’s about it. The kids and I stayed up late to watch a scary movie one night, but I didn’t document that. I had crafts for us to do, but those ideas were met with little enthusiasm. That’s just fine. I’m not sure my limited supply of oomph would’ve allowed for much creativity.

It’s awfully quiet around Doright Manor since they’ve been gone. The only one happy with the kids’ absence is our cat, Patches. Maybe she’ll help with the oomph issue.

Or not.

Two Teens Going Tree-to-Tree

I have two phobias that are somewhat related. The first is a fear of descending escalators. The second is a fear of heights, or to be more precise, falling from said escalators and heights. So when my fifteen year old granddaughter, Dominique, and her friend Sophia, asked me to join them on a tree-to-tree adventure at the Tallahassee Museum and Zoo I politely declined. Instead I offered to document parts of their adventure through photographs. Thankfully, they accepted my counter offer.

Here are Dominique (left) and Sophia being fitted with their harnesses:

Ready to go:

The rest are self explanatory. I couldn’t cover the complete two hour course which went across swamps and over animal enclosures, but I did get a few pictures and videos of their adventure.

The tree-to-tree course looks fun. There’s a part of me that would love to try it for myself. But it’s an incredibly small part and I’ve shoved it way down deep inside where it will never see the light of day.

The girls, however, came through with flying colors. I’ll just live vicariously through them. It’s safer that way.

Peace, people.

Cypress Trees

Studly Doright and I took the visiting grandkids and their friend, Sophia, to visit the Tallahassee Museum and Zoo on Friday. I’m still sorting through photos of our adventure to post another day, but I thought I’d share some of my favorite nature photos from the trip in the meantime.

Cypress trees are beautifully spooky even in the middle of a sunshiny summer day:

This dragonfly followed me for awhile:


Swamp scenes:

I’ll share photos of the kids and Studly tomorrow, but for now, I’m pooped.

Peace, people!