Forest Photo

I had nothing to publish on this Wednesday morning. Sitting in my favorite chair with a cup of peppermint tea in hand, I was stymied. As is the norm these days, the television news was depressing, so I turned off the tv and looked out the windows onto our back yard that slopes down to a small lake.

Seemingly overnight the leaves had overwhelmed the green grass resulting in a carpet of fall colors. Now I’m thinking about putting on a hoody and some boots for some serious leaf crunching. I’m sure Studly Doright would appreciate it if I did some raking while I’m out there, too.

Leaf Life

life had much promise
for you two seasons ago,
green budding leafling.

spring urged you forward
out of yearning innocence
a mere suggestion.

hot summer hinted
eternity can be yours
live forever leaf!

alas, autumn came
transforming green to orange
with one final stroke.

rest peacefully now
released from your life’s struggle
to crunch underfoot.


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