Pumpkin Patch

On Saturday morning I went in search of pumpkins to place on the bench in front of Doright Manor. Several churches in Tallahassee set up pumpkin patches at this time of year, and finding a suitable patch was fairly simple.

I believe Christ Presbyterian Church on Bannerman Road has one of the nicest pumpkin patches.

There were lots of families with young children taking pictures on this beautiful fall day.

Soon I’d selected five pumpkins of various sizes to display on my bench. As of this writing they are all in the back of my car waiting for me to clean up the little courtyard where my bench sits. Picking out the pumpkins was way more fun than cleaning out a spot for them will be.

Peace, people!

The Rake or the Leaf

I’ve been a rake
Forcing fallen leaves into crisp piles
Mounds of gold and rust
Scooped into brown bags and left beside autumn’s curbs.

No amount of diligence
Insures the capitulation of every frond
Some will take flight
In frantic whorls, escaping thus from gravity’s laws.

As an implement of control
My sense of failure knows no limits
In my future guise
I will cling to the oak tree immune to
season’s demands.


by Leslie Noyes

Fall sun brandishes
Her autumn hued wand, alight
In burnished bracken.

“Gathering Bracken” by Henry Herbert La Thengue

Gather for harvest
Wielding scythes in rhythmic strains;
A song of plenty.

“Shocks of Wheat” Olivia Bell Photography

Most luscious bounty,
Gifts wrested from verdant fields
Labor’s sweet reward.

Leaf Life

life had much promise
for you two seasons ago,
green budding leafling.

spring urged you forward
out of yearning innocence
a mere suggestion.

hot summer hinted
eternity can be yours
live forever leaf!

alas, autumn came
transforming green to orange
with one final stroke.

rest peacefully now
released from your life’s struggle
to crunch underfoot.


Fickle Forest

with each moment
the forest changes
from deeply shadowed to
sun-dappled peek-a-boo,
from deathly still to
alive with the flutters
of cardinals and the
skittering of squirrels.

the darkness is there
even in the midst
of the brightest day;
the scurrying of
unseen creatures
disturbs the silence,
glimpses of white
magnolia hint at light.