Summer Sips

These lazy days of summer have affected my writing ambitions. Ideas for blog posts flutter through my mind, but they seldom land. Yesterday was Sunday and I spent most of the day napping. Lazy, lazy, lazy.

This morning I realized I’d written nothing all weekend, but I didn’t panic. After all, energy would’ve been required. Instead I opened up my photo file and put together a post about the “Summer Sips” event at one of my favorite places in Florida–Tallahassee Nursery. There won’t be many words attached. Again, I’m lacking energy.


Part of the attraction of the event was the promise of wine and of my favorite locally produced beer: Proof’s Mango Wit. It’s a perfect summer beer.

This cute daddy/daughter duo were intent on feeding the goldfish inside the greenhouse area.

Live music always makes me happy.

There were so many wonderful sights and scents.

Just a reminder, I’m not paid by Tallahassee Nursery in any way. I do patronize this business and enjoy sharing its news with others.

Peace, people.

Snapshot #208

This is another photo I took on Wednesday evening at Tallahassee Nursery’s “Summer Sips” event. I call it, “Don’t Play Koi with Me.”

I almost bought one of these, but one would get lonely and two might procreate, so I left these colorful fish for someone with a bigger garden than I have. Nothing fishy about that.

Peace, people.

Snapshot #207

I took a few photos at Tallahassee Nursery’s “Summer Sips” event on Wednesday evening. Here’s one of my favorites from the night:

I call it “Big Bad Bromeliad.”

That reminded me of my favorite childhood song, “Big Bad John,” the heart wrenching story of a miner who sacrifices himself to save his co-workers during a mine collapse. Yes, that’s the kind of tale that appealed to me as a child.

Jimmy Dean, famous for his sausages, sang “Big Bad John.” He was practically a hometown boy, having grown up in Plainview, Texas, just 30 miles or so from my own home town of Floydada.

I believe that’s a young Jimmy Dean in the photo below, but Pinterest couldn’t differentiate between Jimmy Dean of sausage fame, and actor James Dean.

I know for certain that it’s Jimmy Dean sausage pictured here, though.

As far as I know James Dean didn’t deal in pork products as a sideline, nor did he sing.

He could have, though. He was just that cool.

Without further ado (or a decent segue, for that matter) here’s Jimmy Dean, singing, “Big Bad John.”

Peace, people.

Succulent Succulents

I had a wonderful time hanging out at Tallahassee Nursery yesterday. I’d signed up for a workshop on the planting and care of succulents, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I might’ve even learned a thing or two.

Here was the first container I selected, but it didn’t have a hole in the bottom to facilitate drainage, so I had to find a hole-y one.

The event was well attended with long tables holding all the requisite supplies set up under sprawling oak trees:

After selecting my plants I arranged them in my hole-y planter and looked around the delightful grounds of Tallahassee Nursery with friends. That’s Julie admiring a gazing ball.

We went for lunch afterwards and then I headed home to Doright Manor. Here is the end product of my workshop experience. It wasn’t the prettiest arrangement created, but it’s mine. Now all I have to do is keep the plants alive.

Peace, people!


On the spur of the moment I registered to attend a workshop offered by Tallahassee Nursery on planting and caring for succulents. My understanding is that for a small fee ($5.00) participants will come away with a planter and a few choice plants. Today (Saturday) is the big day. I’ll take some photos of my finished project and publish them tomorrow.

In the meantime, I’m savoring the way the word “succulent” rolls off the tongue in a most satisfying manner. I do not have a green thumb, but I’m hoping my succulents will have

a forgiving nature if I croon to them:

“Succulents, oh succulents, your leaves aren’t all that opulent.

At least you are not truculent, and to me you’re almost heaven sent.”

Hope the plants appreciate how difficult that was to rhyme.

Peace, people!

Snapshot #117

I have it on good authority that these charming little blossoms are celebrities, and apparently might be repelled by garlic and direct sunlight…. I couldn’t have come up with a better title than the one on its tag: “Calibrachoa Mini Famous, Vampire and Compact.”