Bated or Baited Breath?

Do you ever wonder how you survived without Google? I do, daily. A couple of days ago as I wrote my thoughts on Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, I included the phrase “with baited breath.”

I looked at the phrase more than once, squinting my eyes to discern if that, indeed, was the proper way to say someone was waiting in great suspense for something to happen. On one hand, it seemed right. Bait, meaning something that entices, could perhaps suit my purposes, but it seemed like an ill-fitting puzzle piece when I examined it with eyes wide open.

This appeared to be a job for Google.

I typed in, “Is it bated or baited breath?”

Then I waited (with either bated or baited breath) for fewer than two seconds:

Bated breath vs baited breath. Bated breath is a phrase that means to hold one’s breath due to suspense, trepidation or fear. Bated breath is a phrase first mentioned in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. The word bated is an abbreviation of the word abated, meaning to lessen in severity or amount.

Who knew that bated was short for abated? Maybe everyone but me. Shouldn’t it be shown with an apostrophebated, to indicate it’s been abbreviated?

At any rate, I changed my text to show that Quentin Tarantino was most likely waiting with bated breath for my approval. Now I just need to find a way to use baited breath. How about, “Simon was the consummate fisherman. He always had the best results after eating worms for breakfast. It seems the bass were fond of his baited breath.”

But Pinterest had a better one.

Technology is good.

Peace, people.

Simple Art for Non-artists

My need to create art is overshadowed only by my complete lack of artistic ability. Almost daily I’ll see something on Pinterest or on Facebook that makes me think, “hmmm, I can do that,” only to discover that no, I can’t. But that seldom keeps me from trying, and subsequently failing again.

One day last week I found this video on Facebook:

It looked foolproof, so I gathered a sketchbook, some paints, and a bit of embroidery floss. Guess what? Not only is it foolproof, it’s great fun.

My first attempt. I love that I get two prints in one go.

I tried two colors on my second piece. I’m calling this one “Angry Parrots.”

And three colors on my third. The black just looks muddy, though.

Here’s my favorite:

This will be fun to do with visiting grandkids. I used washable paints, and all my work surfaces survived unscathed. Yay, me!

I won’t be opening a gallery any time soon, but I am going to keep experimenting.

Peace, people!

There’s a Pattern Here

I have a slight addiction to Pinterest. It’s the site I turn to when I need a clever illustration for my blog or a decorating idea. Lately I’ve been searching Pinterest for vintage sewing patterns.

Don’t ask me why. I can’t sew, and I don’t own a sewing machine. The one outfit I made in Mrs. Craig’s high school home economics class fell apart shortly after I modeled it in the class fashion show, and I haven’t made another attempt in over forty years. Yet, there’s something about these patterns that calls to me.

Apparently, I’m not the only one. Patterns similar to these sell for as much as $60 on EBay. 

Am I too old at 60 to learn how to sew? Maybe I could figure out how to use a 3D printer to create these styles. That’s equally plausible.

What’s your guilty pleasure? Is there something you google or search Pinterest or eBay for that you’ll probably never follow through on? 

Peace, people!

Making Stuff

When I get bored I start thinking about making something. Unfortunately, I’m not very adept at making anything other than a mess.

For example a couple of summers ago I decided that I could paint. These resulted from my delusions:


I call the first one “A Brace of Fairies” while the second one is called “Pinterest Fail.”

I do have them on display at Doright Manor. There’s no charge for viewing them. By that I mean I won’t pay you for your waste of time should you happen to stop by.

One summer I found a jewelry making kit at a yard sale, and for six weeks I made the ugliest jewelry imaginable: Earrings that didn’t dangle evenly, anemic looking bracelets, necklaces that appeared capable of attracting the evil eye.

Another summer, at the urging of our daughter, I decided to create family scrapbooks. After several weeks of sorting through stacks and stacks of pictures I created one page. At least one batch of photos got organized for a brief time as a result.

Yesterday I told Studly I was thinking of creating something artistic. He told the cats to hide and he’s secluded himself in a guest bedroom. I think he might have heard me say I was going to attempt nude drawings next. Good thing he didn’t notice my fresh stash of glitter. 

Peace, people!


Daily Prompt: What Bores You?

Believe it or not, I’m never bored. Maybe it’s a result of having been chastised as a teenager for ever uttering the “B” word. 

Instead I decided to make a case on how to avoid boredom. I give you–

Exhibit A: Writing blog posts. 

Yes, any time I feel a tinge of ennui sneaking up on me I plop myself down in my favorite writing spot and just begin typing. Usually these posts end up perpetually stuck in my draft folder, but occasionally they see it to publication. 

Exhibit B: Utilize the full potential of my pets. 

Surely they were placed on earth to serve and amuse us. 


No actual felines were harmed in the writing of this post.

Exhibit C: Make snarky comments on Facebook. 

It really is too bad that snarkiness doesn’t pay better. Or anything.

Exhibit D: Explore Pinterest. 

Honestly, if one can’t find something to pique his/her interest on Pinterest then he/she might not have a pulse, and should be administered CPR ASAP.

Exhibit E: Drive! 

Drive to a new shopping center or explore a local tourist spot that you’ve never been to because you’re, well, a local. I still kick myself because the entire time I lived within 100 miles of Springfield, Illinois, I never visited the capitol building.

I believe I’ve made my point. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to take a nap. 

Peace, people!

Helpful Information Regarding Bacon

Just remember folks, you might’ve read it here first, even though I borrowed every bit from Pinterest. Read and learn. You can thank me later. Or now. I like being thanked. With bacon.

Every man should come with a side of bacon.  
 I have been known to steal bacon. I’m not proud of it, but I’ll probably do it again.  
The next one, I have to disagree with a little. That’s still not enough bacon.

True story, I really thought it was called bacon soda for years.

Studly only looks at bacon like its bacon. 

Really, this happens.  
And now I’ll return to my previously scheduled diet.

Peace, people! 

Weather Vain

I’m standing in

My closet

Trying to

Decide what to


I have not

Checked the


I go to do so

On my


But I notice

There are unread

Notifications on

WordPress, and

Facebook, and


After reading one

Particular post I

Realize I must

Google the population of

Guatemala before I

Forget so I can

Update a future

Article, and then

I go back to the

Bedroom closet to

Dress for the


That’s when I

Realize I still

Must check the


On my


Repeat as necessary

Until dressed.



A Trivial Concern

Once a month the golf club to which Studly belongs hosts a trivia night. Last month our four person team fared abominably. We did well on the science, geography, and sports questions, but pretty well stunk when it came to song titles and artists. Unfortunately every single question had a music question tied to it as a bonus.

With another trivia night on the horizon I thought I should do a little studying. Pinterest is a great source of trivia questions, and more importantly, answers.

And I’ve been playing Trivia Crack.

Contrary to its name I don’t find Trivia Crack all that addictive. Compared to my old Candy Crush addiction Trivia Crack is like a walk in the park. Amusing, but not habit-forming.
I win more often than not at Trivia Crack, but to be honest most of the questions are ridiculously easy.

I’ve also switched from the Howard Stern channels on SiriusXM to music channels hoping to sharpen my knowledge of singers and songs. Did you know there are bands named Neon Trees and Imagine Dragons?



And my parents thought The Beatles and The Monkees were strange names for bands.


Wish us luck! Peace, people!

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