Wait for It…

I’ve done a great deal of waiting the past few weeks. I’ve waited for hurricanes to choose a path, for a generator to arrive, for someone to come measure one of our spare bedrooms for carpet after our water heater went kaput and leaked water all over said bedroom.

I’ve waited for a new hot water heater to be installed, and for the trash collection crew to come pick up the soggy carpeting and old water heater and the box the new one came in. I’m still waiting on the trash guys–they’d promised that all of the unsightly detritus would be picked up no later than last Saturday. We’re now officially closer to next Saturday than to last Saturday.

Yesterday I waited in vain for the guy we hired to paint the spare bedroom before the new carpet arrives. He was supposed to come first thing this morning, but he still hadn’t arrived by 4:30 pm, so I’m still waiting.

I can check some of the things off my list, though:

  • Generator arrived today 10/9/17. It was supposed to have been here no later than 9/24/17.
  • The carpet measurer came on time and gave me an estimate that Studly can live with.
  • The new water heater is installed and working like a charm, thanks to Studly Doright.

That just leaves the painter and the trash pick up and then maybe we’ll be back to normal. Oh, wait, then I’ll be at the mercy of the carpet layers.

This post might sound like one long complaint. Honestly, it’s just a recitation. I don’t mind waiting too much, and when I think of all those folks in coastal Texas, Puerto Rico, south Florida, and now California, having to wait on vital survival type services I know just how fortunate I am. I have electricity and hot water, plenty of food, and a place to rest my head. No waiting necessary.

What are you waiting on?

Peace, people!

Making Stuff

When I get bored I start thinking about making something. Unfortunately, I’m not very adept at making anything other than a mess.

For example a couple of summers ago I decided that I could paint. These resulted from my delusions:


I call the first one “A Brace of Fairies” while the second one is called “Pinterest Fail.”

I do have them on display at Doright Manor. There’s no charge for viewing them. By that I mean I won’t pay you for your waste of time should you happen to stop by.

One summer I found a jewelry making kit at a yard sale, and for six weeks I made the ugliest jewelry imaginable: Earrings that didn’t dangle evenly, anemic looking bracelets, necklaces that appeared capable of attracting the evil eye.

Another summer, at the urging of our daughter, I decided to create family scrapbooks. After several weeks of sorting through stacks and stacks of pictures I created one page. At least one batch of photos got organized for a brief time as a result.

Yesterday I told Studly I was thinking of creating something artistic. He told the cats to hide and he’s secluded himself in a guest bedroom. I think he might have heard me say I was going to attempt nude drawings next. Good thing he didn’t notice my fresh stash of glitter. 

Peace, people!

Art in the Park

A couple of weeks ago I shrugged off my nagging back pain to attend the LeMoyne Chain of Parks Arts Festival in downtown Tallahassee.

The day was gorgeous, seemingly made for enjoying the arts and soaking in the sun. Here are just a few of the photos I snapped that afternoon.   
Art was everywhere, and much of it was for sale. It’s not often that I wish to be wealthy, but that day I did. 

I love functional art and these handcrafted sinks by Indikoi Sinks fit that category beautifully.   
Check them out online at www.indikoisinks.com

Then look at these gorgeous designs from Aquatic Impressions! 


Here’s how they’re made:

I purchased a cutting board.

Hanging around with famous folks.

I really want this bicycle to decorate my courtyard area. Of course I also want a dinosaur and a Buddha and maybe a 30 foot tall bacon sculpture.

This was created from an actual leaf. 


Here’s My Sign

Finally I had the opportunity to get out and do something crafty in Tallahassee at Another Time Around, a wonderful shop specializing in repurposed and rescued furniture.

Kim Parr, the shop’s owner and furniture refinisher extraordinaire, guided me, along with several other participants, through the fundamentals of chalk painting. The process is easy. I was pleasantly surprised.

My friends know that while I’m not particularly gifted in the visual arts, every now and then I have delusions of grandeur and decide to create something.

In my imagination I’m always going to be super surprised and pleased by my efforts, but I just didn’t inherit any artistic genes. That didn’t keep me from having a great time though, and I learned a lot in the process.
Plus I created a cute item to take for our family reunion auction:

Everyone seemed to have a positive experience, and I’ll attend another session. Who knows, next time might be my big breakthrough.

Other participants let me snap photos of their finished projects to share with my readers. I think they turned out beautifully:  
If you live in the Tallahassee area I highly recommend a visit to Kim’s shop Another Time Around at 4523 N. Monroe. 

She’s has a beautifully eclectic collection of furniture for customers to browse and she’ll do custom work, as well. I took a few pictures on my way out last night:   

After taking two full hour to create my little sign, I’m in awe of these larger projects. She has given me some ideas I might need to pursue. I wonder how Studly Doright would feel about having his motorcycle lift chalk painted? You know what they say–it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission.

Here’s a link to Kim’s page on Facebook. Check her out. I don’t normally promote businesses on my blog, but I think Kim’s got a great business. She’s a keeper.

Peace, people!