Chain of Parks 2017

Saturday morning I drove into Tallahassee to savor the eclectic vibe of the annual LeMoyne Chain of Parks Art Festival. This isn’t an arts and crafts (or as Studly Doright calls them “arts and crap”) show, but a gathering of some of the finest artists and artisans from all across the country. 

Name your poison–jewelry, pottery, textiles, sculpture, carvings, paintings, stained glass, and/or mixed-media. It was all there. I couldn’t afford 99.99% of the art displayed, but I so enjoyed looking. 

Here are just a few of the sights:

My favorite, and the most affordable, part of the day was dog watching.

One end of the park is set aside for children to create their own art. I didn’t venture very far into this section, as my stomach had begun nagging me to find the food trucks, but I took this photo of the chalk art area. Note the little girl on the right. As I passed by she remarked, “Look! I’m walking on the wall!”

And I don’t know who Terrika is, but she made me smile.

At one point I was mobbed by a group of posh ladies who insisted on sharing their kooky style with me. I always needed a boa to make me feel complete; I just didn’t know it. 

Unfortunately the Divas, as they called themselves, got away before I could snap a picture. It was a wrap and run incident. No one was harmed in the process. 

What a wonderful morning! I did buy a small item for my little courtyard area at Doright Manor. I’ll share that another day.

Peace, people!

Art in the Park

A couple of weeks ago I shrugged off my nagging back pain to attend the LeMoyne Chain of Parks Arts Festival in downtown Tallahassee.

The day was gorgeous, seemingly made for enjoying the arts and soaking in the sun. Here are just a few of the photos I snapped that afternoon.   
Art was everywhere, and much of it was for sale. It’s not often that I wish to be wealthy, but that day I did. 

I love functional art and these handcrafted sinks by Indikoi Sinks fit that category beautifully.   
Check them out online at

Then look at these gorgeous designs from Aquatic Impressions! 


Here’s how they’re made:

I purchased a cutting board.

Hanging around with famous folks.

I really want this bicycle to decorate my courtyard area. Of course I also want a dinosaur and a Buddha and maybe a 30 foot tall bacon sculpture.

This was created from an actual leaf. 


Gargoyle’s Plight

Perched above the madness,
waiting with the grimmest purpose,
Gargoyle surveys the ants below,
their blustery hustle to and fro.

With centuries beneath his gnarly claws
he feigns a wisdom deep,
when all he craves both night and day
is but a chance to sleep.

For sculptor’s hands in finest form denied the beast the skill
Of exerting tiny muscles
When weariness sets in.

Ages upon ages his gaze
is fixed in weathered stone,
with no respite from this world
he abides in all alone.