Casting Stones

Will you enter this long sleep with clear conscience, exalted by your good works, camouflaged by your religion?

If you expect pointed fingers to catch you out, they won’t be mine. I’ve hurt my share of people, filled my own bucket with

The dregs of guilt and regret. If anything I will be the one to offer reconciliation, but without the artifice of narrow beliefs.

Think now on those you’ve wronged, those whose affections you’ve betrayed, while anyone without sin casts the first stones.

Guns in Church

Will we take our guns to church now?

Jesus take the wheel, but leave me my pistol

Dylan Roof opened fire in a South Carolina prayer meeting

Now more dead occupy the pews in Texas

Just wondering which firearm goes best with Psalms.

Yea, tho I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil,

For I am armed with a semi-automatic weapon.

No doubt lawmakers will offer meaningless thoughts and prayers

Their mantra sounding weaker by the hour

Who will answer for these deaths?

Who will offer a solution?

Hymns and Hell

Sweet hymn fills my soul
clear voices lifted in praise
on this rock I stand.

Heed the song’s message
Jesus loves all the children
not just those like us.

And on Judgement Day
when the trumpets sound their call
He will know your truth.

I’ve been doing a great deal of thinking lately about faith, religion, and politics. You see, one day this week a “Christian” woman informed me in a tone seething with hatred that I was bound for hell if I voted for Hillary. I smiled and promised that I’d be sure to save her a seat.

Christians come in basically two types of wrappings: those who are of the hellfire and damnation persuasion and those who follow Christ’s teachings. I’m pretty happy being in the second camp. 

I have many non-Christian friends, among them Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, agnostics, and atheists, and I learned a long time ago that goodness and decency aren’t the sole property of Christians. And those same virtues are sorely lacking in some who claim Christianity as their religion.

Heaven and Hell? Well, they might exist, but I know that how I treat others in this life is more important than any promise or threat of an afterlife. One other thing I know is that my teacher, Jesus, wouldn’t turn His back on refugees. 

Peace, people

Judgement Day

Today is judgement day, as was yesterday, and the day before. Tomorrow will hold 

The same status. For those who claim a day of reckoning to be lurking around the 

Corner, I cry, Indeed! Both the corner facing us and the one ’round which we’ve strolled

Already. We face our God each sunrise and answer for our sins. We are sorted by our

Love or lack thereof, by our compassion and generosity. That book of life I reckon

Lists not the rolls of church membership, but the names of those who stand with the

Downtrodden, the marginalized, those who are shunned by the establishment.

Tell me to get right with Jesus, and I’ll ask who you’ve fed today. Tell me I’m bound

For hell, and I’ll plan a party for us both. I hear marshmallows toast well down there.

Paradise, the last panel of Fra Angelico’s tryptic, “Judgement”


   I won’t pretend to be a religious scholar. Plenty of folks do that with mixed results and dubious credibility.

But I do know that love and forgiveness are at the heart of the teachings of Jesus, and that even in his torment on the cross He called for His Father to forgive those who were crucifying His son.


Peace, love, and forgiveness, People!