Well, That’s Odd

Some days this semi-retirement gig is a drag. Most days I have more than enough to keep me busy, but some days, like yesterday, I find myself suffering from the worst kind of ennui. At ten a.m. I was still in my pajamas, wondering what to do with my day.

Since I know in my heart I have a really good thing going, I shoved that boredom to the side, then showered and dressed while deciding to head to a place that’s always good for a bit of fun, a place called The Other Side of Vintage in Railroad Square.

As I walked around the huge thrift shop I kept saying to myself variations of the phrase, “Well, that’s odd….” After the fifth or sixth time I realized I had a blog post in the making and began snapping pictures.

Repeat after me: “Well, that’s odd….”

As is this kimono wearing piggy faced unicorn.

And how about this Rastafarian banana sharing space with a Dia de los Muertos plaque? Olé, mon, have a nice day!

And the Elvis Bears weren’t as odd as they were cute. Obviously from Elvis’s chubby period.

These pelvic themed leggings certainly qualify as odd. I came so close to buying them.

Not odd at all, but gorgeous. I think she might be modeled on actress Gene Tierney, even though the actress was a brunette. Does anyone know?

This is definitely on the odd side. It’s some kind of short jumpsuit with a long kimono type garment attached. Can you see me wearing it to the local Publix? Très chic, baby!

The tableau below needs very little commentary, but I’ll provide some anyway. We have Erkel, keeping company with a pair of nuns, next to a display of Pinocchio and sunglasses, with a Pikachu hat-wearing mannequin dressed in an OutKast T-shirt as background. Absolutely normal, right?

Then there’s the Last Supper fan with a couple of flasks. Water into wine, anyone?

Last, but not least, I was drawn to the delicious weirdness of Jesus holding court over Camel, the Game, on the same platform as a salt lamp.

I made one purchase; although, it’s not pictured in any of the photos above.

Years ago I donated all of my Harry Potter books to a school library. Now, after finding the first book in the series, I’ve decided I’m going to track down every book, in order of publication, and add them to my book collection. That’s not too odd, is it?

Peace, people!

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

31 thoughts on “Well, That’s Odd”

  1. Okay – that was all cool. A few minutes ago I didn’t know nun dolls existed and now I need some on my desk. They’d go good next to my Captain Kirk figures – at least, they might get along.

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  2. You can find the craziest things in thrift stores. Every time I walk through one I just shake my head wondering who owned some of the things I see… and more importantly…why??

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    1. The why is always a good question. At some point someone purchased each of these items for some reason known only to them. I’m pretty sure most were bought as gag gifts. That’s what I tell myself anyway.

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  3. YOu know, that was most interesting actually. A real tribute in away to one man’s junk, if you get me. I am not being cheeky. I love these kind of places. Of course… I admit.. I have some odd things mahself. And that’s no counting the Mr. The doll was most interesting. She looked like a young Lucille Ball. before Lucille was ever a comic. So I googled the gene doll out of interest and I see that they were dolls based on Hollywood’s Golden era. SO there you go

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    1. I thought the doll was lovely. Thanks for looking up the Gene doll history. I’ll do some research on them, too. And you think your Mr. is odd…you should meet mine.


      1. You might get a kick out of this. When my dad ( before he was my dad) got out of the navy he drove a taxi in Los Angeles. Several times he drove Lana Turner out to the juvenile facility where her daughter was held after she stabbed Lana’s lover to death. Lana always asked for my dad when she called for a cab.


      2. Like it? I LOVE it. I have the book the daughter wrote about that case. That taxi biz is a story to dine out on and how my dear. Ah Veronica Lake, who sadly fell from grace. I just love that whole Hollywood era. I have a lot of books about it, all sorts, bios, autos, picture books, old annuals, ciggie cards and cinema stills too, Now these did NOT get culled and sent to charity shops when we moved. My darling just get the hair dyed and go for it. xxxxxxxx

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      3. I love the movies from that era. We have Turner Classic Movies channel that airs nothing but the oldies. Some days I binge watch, but I am not knowledgeable about actors and actresses of that period.


      4. Well I had this upbringing where we had nothing but we did have a tv set–no chairs but hey– and half the neighbourhood who had less came to watch espesh when old movies were on, and we had an ancient radiogram with a pile of 78s. Alas I guess, having been reared on Billie Holliday and Ava Gardner, I am a vintage girl big time. And prob that is why I went onto collect. xxxx

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      5. It’s a great thing to be interested in! I used to go to our small movie theatre and I might watch the same movie 3 times in a row. The owners didn’t check to see if everyone was out and I’d just sit by myself. I was fascinated, though, by Elvis movies and the Beach Party flicks. They were so awful!


      6. The blonds were modelled on jean Harlow, the blond bombshell, even the young Lucy Ball was modelled on Jean. Betty Grable, Lana, Ginger, Alice Faye, Veronca ..yeah they were kind of modelled on her. Rita was too but that fell through x

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  4. What a fun blog post. At first I thought the Gene doll was a Revlon doll because it reminded me of my Revlon doll that I got in the late 50’s which came out before Barbie. But on closer examination it’s not. The Re Lon doll was plumper like the women of the 50’s.
    But, good news. I looked up the Gene doll. It’s called a Gene Marshall fashion doll which represents Hollywood’s golden age. Each doll is a decade with a different historical costume. It first came out in 1995. So there you go…

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  5. Not odd at all to get the Harry Potter books again. Did you know the British and American versions are slightly different? Once someone told me that, I had to go find the British ones and read each one all over again. Probably just an excuse on my part, though. 🙂 – Marty

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    1. I hadn’t heard that! I’m one of those crazy people who read each book again as a new one was published. So I’ve read the first book 8 times. I might be demented, not to be confused with a Dementor.

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      1. I think that much of the shop merchandise is on consignment so different areas are maintained by consignees. I visited with a woman who was rearranging one of her displays. I can’t imagine that anyone would make much money from selling their wares here, so it must be a hobby.

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