13 thoughts on “Snapshot #81”

  1. love your description – nice pun.

    and the ugly sweaters were everywhere this year – a little overdone. just like emojis – whew – wondering what next year holds….
    please no more cheesy sweaters and emojis

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    1. I enjoyed the ugly sweater thing when retailers weren’t selling them by that moniker. Plenty of ugly sweaters didn’t know they were ugly until someone bought them at goodwill. Those are the authentic ones.

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      1. I agree.
        and I went to two Xmas eve services this year – both were short and I had to drop someone off – long story – and my spouse played music for both services- but the best part was being in a people watching mode.
        I forgot how nice people looked getting dressed up for Xmas eve – in the classic plaid red and green or in new looks.
        but the funniest was when entire families had the same ugly sweaters – well only a few did this – but this one family had tough guys and so they were busying out of this red and white printed one… pretty funny.

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