Casting Stones

Will you enter this long sleep with clear conscience, exalted by your good works, camouflaged by your religion?

If you expect pointed fingers to catch you out, they won’t be mine. I’ve hurt my share of people, filled my own bucket with

The dregs of guilt and regret. If anything I will be the one to offer reconciliation, but without the artifice of narrow beliefs.

Think now on those you’ve wronged, those whose affections you’ve betrayed, while anyone without sin casts the first stones.

Hold Steady

Will you yet be moved
By sleight of hand,
By hook or by crook,
Or consequences grand?

Will you yet be called
To arms,
To conscience,
Consequence, be damned?

Will you yet be taken
By surprise,
By force,
When violence commands?

Will you hold steady
Standing firm,
Taking stock,
As your conscience demands?