Update on Dawn of the Living Sign


The sign I planted in support of Joe Biden lasted two whole nights at the entrance to our neighborhood before being removed by some angry old white man. Studly Doright and I actually drove into our housing development yesterday afternoon just in time to witness the old codger pluck the sign from the ground.

I was hopping mad and would have confronted him, but Studly reminded me that the guy was likely armed. He also had a rather large dog with him. I wish I’d had the presence of mind to take his picture, but he looked vaguely like an amalgamation of these four angry white dudes. The GOP seems to have more than its share.

Still, I’m celebrating that the sign lasted two full days. I’m surprised it made it through Halloween, but it did. And, I have a backup sign in the trunk of my car. I believe I’ll wait for Election Day to plant it.

Peace, people!

Vote Blue

No scholarly tomes grace the table beside her bed, instead Harlequin romances and Fabio-graced

Bodice rippers stacked three deep provide her nighttime reading inventory. Yet she argues

Politics on social media having watched Sarah Palin make nonsense of sense while appearing

Perfectly coiffed, but maybe a bit drunk. She feels that Hillary is untrustworthy, after all, 

FOX news tells her in sly words and simpering phrases that this is so. Claims she’s 

Heard Hillary say our second amendment rights will disappear and babies will be aborted 

Even as they are born, healthy, but unwanted. Yet when pressed for proof, name

Calling ensues and ugly words are exchanged. I console myself with the thought

That she really is not very informed, but the cold reality is, she will be voting in November.

Will you?

How Cool is This?

Last night I opened my email to find a letter from the Hillary Clinton campaign:

Without hesitation I clicked on the red RSVP now button and received a follow up email.

I was so excited I barely slept last night. Because I wasn’t familiar with the venue I got up extra early. Thanks to my GPS I was at the site a good two hours before the event.

The reward for my hyper punctuality came when I scored a front row spot. 

The crowd of like-minded folks chatted congenially while waiting over an hour after taking our places.

I tried to take a panoramic photo of the crowd inside the center, but failed miserably. Thus you get some random crowd shots from outside.

Several local dignitaries spoke, and then William Jefferson Clinton was introduced to raucous applause.

 Not long into his speech, former president Clinton’s notes fell from the podium. He never missed a beat, just toed them out of his way.

After speaking in his mix of down home and politically savvy style, all the time reminding us why Hillary should be our choice in tomorrow’s primary election, Mr. Clinton left the stage to shake hands with as many people as possible.

Remember that first row spot I found? It paid off:

Oh I wish I were a better selfie taker!

Go vote tomorrow if you live in Florida or Illinois, or any other state holding its primary. 

Peace, people!

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