Dawn of the Living Sign

I planted this sign at the entrance to our housing development last night, fully expecting it to be gone this morning.

Lo, and behold, it was still standing this morning. Now, let’s see if it survives Halloween.

Many Biden signs have graced the same spot only to be stolen or destroyed within a day or two. Residents of my neighborhood have taken turns replacing the signs as they’ve disappeared. It was my turn. And guess what? I have a backup in my trunk.

Peace, people!

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

18 thoughts on “Dawn of the Living Sign”

  1. That’s so funny that people break and destroy the signs. It’s just a sign. America is a funny old place. I guess social norms there are different. I guess people here might take down a sign, but they’re more likely to grumble angrily amongst themselves about it instead. Unless I have been away from the city for too long. Anyway. It’s jolly good news the sign stayed up. I hope it stays up longer lol. Politics can sometimes be like a reality TV show.

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  2. Mine came really late in October but it’s up, even though no one can really see it since the front of my apartment only faces the side of the neighbors house… I feel good about making the statement no matter what!

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