Chiefs vs. Buccaneers

Super Bowl Sunday is my favorite day of the year. Even if I’m not emotionally invested in either of the teams that have earned a spot in the NFL’s championship I look forward to the big game day, and this year I have warm and fuzzy feelings for both teams.

Studly Doright and I live in Florida—home to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, so it’d be nice to have fans of the home team sporting championship t-shirts for the next year. In fact, if they win I know what I’m getting Studly Doright for Valentine’s Day.

But, Patrick Mahomes is the star quarterback for Kansas City. He’s a Texas Tech alum, and my loyalties were given to Texas Tech before I even left the womb. It doesn’t hurt that Patrick’s adorable either.

The Chiefs have their work cut out for them today. They’ll play in Tampa Bay giving the Buccaneers home field advantage. And then there’s the Bucs QB, Tom Brady, who even if you hate him is indisputably the greatest quarterback of all time.

That’s Brady, on the left, when he still played for the New England Patriots and #15 Pat Mahomes, on the right.

I refuse to make a prediction for the game since my guesses always seem to jinx the team I’m rooting for, but may the cutest quarterback win.

Peace, people!

And Now We Give You Brain-eating Amoeba!

If 2020 were a football player it would have been kicked out of the game for multiple unnecessary roughness penalties.

Pandemic, murder hornets, visiting dust from Africa, wide-spread social unrest, rampant unemployment, a new swine flu in the news, Tom Brady traded to Tampa Bay, and now we have a brain-eating amoeba. WTF?

To be fair, the brain-eating amoeba isn’t a completely new hazard, and can be avoided by following a few simple activities, according to the CDC: Avoid putting your head under the water in hot springs and other untreated thermal waters. Avoid water-related activities in warm freshwater during periods of high water temperature. Avoid digging in, or stirring up, the sediment while taking part in water-related activities in shallow, warm freshwater areas.

Oh, and if you use a Neti-pot to clear your sinuses use distilled water.

As for all the other stuff 2020 has brought us, keep wearing masks, avoid stirring up hornets, be kind to one another, don’t give up, and hope for a Tom Brady sighting. He is in Florida now, after all.

Peace, People!


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