‘Round the Bend

Crazy is as crazy does, the will to live is stronger

Pour out the tea, pour up the rum, the nights are getting longer

Early darkness crowds around, the hour’s barely five

And we throw stones to prove for once that we’re all still alive.

I was made of sterner stuff when once I lived a southern life

But these winter days, cold north wind haze, cut me like a jagged knife.

Build up the fire for pity’s sake, and turn on all the lights

My sanity is near an end and I’m all out of fight.

Carried Away

Balloons did the trick, one attached to each arm, two more tied on to my swollen ankles,

and thanks to a stout wind I was on my way up. I tried to wave to the crowd below,

but the motion caused a disruption in the airflow and briefly I found myself wobbling

precariously. Acknowledging the accolades would have to wait until I mastered control.

2016, Please Go Away Now

On Tuesday, December 27, Carrie Fisher died. I so wanted to be her character in Star Wars: Brave and beautiful, smart and sassy. 

Others we’ve lost:

Prince, David Bowie, Muhammad Ali

Alan Rickman, Doris Roberts, Alan Thicke

Garry Marshall, Bobby Vee, Gene Wilder

Patty Duke, Morley Safer, Glenn Frey

Florence Henderson, Robert Vaughn, 

Gwen Ifill, Arnold Palmer, Pat Nixon

Garry Shandling, Merle Haggard.

Amendment: Leonard Cohen, George Michael

Going Places

Leaving Nashville the day after Christmas, hugging grandchildren one more time

Before we climb into our respective rides for long journeys home. One heads west, another

North, while we point our car south and east, full of new memories and Christmas goodies,

Enough to last until our far-flung families are brought together once again. Safe travels.