Curfew Kitty

I was attempting to write a post for the blog last night, but my efforts were hampered by a harasser. The guilty party? Our youngest cat, Patches.

Patches doesn’t like it when we stay up past her 8:30 p.m. bedtime. Around eight she begins campaigning for us to follow her to the bedroom, first by giving us the look:

If that fails to deliver the desired results, she plops down in the middle of the room and sighs loudly at regular intervals.

At the mere mention of the “B” word (bed), she’s ready for action.

She’s kind of hard to ignore.

It’s 9:05. I’d better give in or risk the wrath of Curfew Kitty.

Meow, people.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

27 thoughts on “Curfew Kitty”

    1. She’s also the cat that no outsiders ever get to see. Doorbell rings and she’s gone. We don’t see her again until they leave regardless of whether the visitors are there for 10 minutes or 10 days.

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  1. I have one of those and BIG like that too, Lol. His name is Tigger but we call him Tostsy or Handsome. When I am up late he’ll start to meow loudly and constantly like a child saying “Come on, It’s bedtime!” and sometimes I’ll either go or ignore depending on what I’m doing at the moment. I just wanted you to know, I can relate to ya!

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  2. Oh yes, the look! My darling girl stays in all day and then begs and pleads to go out at night. It’s a routine she will not deviate from. First out the back door, then after a bit of a skirmish in that direction she begs to come back inside only to run to the front door to be allowed outside again. She doesn’t go far and I can see her lying in her favourite spot but I feel as though I’m up and down all evening. I cannot go to bed until she comes back inside as we have a Council cat curfew. I wouldn’t leave her out anyway, but yes I guess she rules the roost. Your cat is adorable by the way.

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    1. Crazy! We have a screened in back porch, so the cats beg to go out first thing. On warm days I leave the back door open and they come in and out as they please. But it’s been colder than usual here and they go out for just a few minutes then beg to be let in almost immediately. I forgot about them yesterday. They were very upset with me.

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      1. And I bet you felt awful for forgetting them. Strange times, hotter than usual here, we are currently awaiting a promised thunder storm and some very welcome rain. I wonder if we will get it.

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