I’m a breast cancer survivor. My diagnosis wasn’t dire; I always tell folks I had a slight case of cancer. A few weeks of radiation and inconvenience, and I was as good as new. 

I know I was lucky. My husband’s company has great insurance, so every part of my diagnosis and treatment was covered once my deductible was met. Great doctors, a caring hospital, and a road to recovery were all in reach.

But what about women who aren’t so fortunate? What about those women whose jobs don’t offer coverage or those who are students or unemployed? Where do they turn for help?

Planned Parenthood, that’s where. Republicans in congress would have us believe that PP is only performs abortions, when in truth, abortions make up a very small fraction of PP services. I’d hate to live in a country that didn’t provide such import diagnostic services to women in need. 

Vote Blue. 

Endorsements Should Mean Something

If you’ve read my blog for any length of time you know I’m a Liberal. I enthusiastically support Hillary Clinton as the most qualified candidate in the 2016 election. She perhaps is the most qualified candidate in history. 

Most major newspapers agree with me, and I thought it would be interesting to look at a list of the papers who have endorsed each of the candidates. The publication, Mother Jones, did a great job of comparing newspaper endorsements and comparing them to endorsements in the 2012 election:

Just in case you don’t have time to read the entire Mother Jones article, here’s a rundown of all of the papers who supported Mitt Romney, the GOP candidate in 2012, but are supporting Hillary Clinton, the Democrat in 2016:

New York Daily News

Houston Chronicle

Arizona Republic

Dallas Morning News

San Diego Union-Tribune

South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Cincinnati Enquirer

Columbus Dispatch

The Des Moines Register

The Omaha World Herald 

Ft. Worth Star Telegram


Orlando Sentinel

Altogether, Hillary has garnered endorsements from forty newspapers. 

Only the Las Vegas Review Journal has endorsed Trump during the Presidential campaign; although, the tabloids National Enquirer, and The New York Observer (owned by Trump’s son-in-law), along with the New York Post, and one small California paper came out in support of the Republican candidate during the primaries. Oh, Trump also picked up an endorsement from the The Crusader, the official newspaper of the white supremacist group, the Ku Klux Klan. While Trump’s campaign was quick to turn down the KKK’s support, the fact that Trump is their guy speaks volumes. 

Oddly enough Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson has picked up more major endorsements than Trump (Chicago Tribune, Detroit News, and Richmond Times-Dispatch).
When 13 traditionally conservative newspapers snub the GOP candidate in favor of the Democrat shouldn’t the voting populace take notice? I’m with her, and so are the majority of thinking individuals. 

Peace, People!

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