Give us a Sign

At a Trump rally yesterday a man approached the stage carrying a sign. It was a simple sign, “Republicans Against Trump” printed from an internet site. Someone in the crowd yelled, “Gun!” And all hell broke loose.

Trump was hustled off the stage while angry supporters beat the man until police officers arrived to quickly handcuff, and thankfully, lead him to safety. There was no gun. NO assassination attempt. Yet, that’s how Trump and his crew are spinning it. Some have even slyly hinted that Clinton was behind the “attack.” My own local television station “forgot” to mention that no gun was found and that the man was released after leaving the building.

When Trump returned to the stage he not only thanked the Secret Service detail assigned to him, as was appropriate, but praised those who’d beaten an innocent man. Granted, given the level of violent rhetoric at Trump rallies the protestor’s judgement in so visibly making his feelings known wasn’t that great, but for Trump to offer praise to ruffians is just one more example of Trump’s true nature.

Let’s contrast this with President Obama’s reaction to a man holding a pro-Trump sign at a Hillary rally this week. When folks in the audience began booing and taunting the protestor, President Obama shouted them down, and after getting their attention reminded them to be respectful of the man’s right to free speech under our Constitution. 

Donald Trump has dangerous ideas about what it means to hold office. His friendship with Putin might be giving him ideas. Couple that with his strange relationship with members of the FBI, and his endorsement by the Police union, and it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to imagine a change in the way our First Amendment is observed. 

For the love of our country’s freedoms get out and vote for Hillary Clinton. Please don’t put your trust in a demagogue who encourages violence and disrespects women.  

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

10 thoughts on “Give us a Sign”

  1. Please Nov. 8th, hurry up and get here so we never have to deal with Cheeto Jesus again! His supporters certainly are riled up. Facts and science don’t seem to affect these fools, but Fox news sure does, oh and the lying media!

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