I’m a breast cancer survivor. My diagnosis wasn’t dire; I always tell folks I had a slight case of cancer. A few weeks of radiation and inconvenience, and I was as good as new. 

I know I was lucky. My husband’s company has great insurance, so every part of my diagnosis and treatment was covered once my deductible was met. Great doctors, a caring hospital, and a road to recovery were all in reach.

But what about women who aren’t so fortunate? What about those women whose jobs don’t offer coverage or those who are students or unemployed? Where do they turn for help?

Planned Parenthood, that’s where. Republicans in congress would have us believe that PP is only performs abortions, when in truth, abortions make up a very small fraction of PP services. I’d hate to live in a country that didn’t provide such import diagnostic services to women in need. 

Vote Blue. 

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

11 thoughts on “Survivor”

  1. My sista from another mister! I marched in a women’s rights rally in Indianapolis back in April. Their lovely Governor, Mike Pence, was trying to pass legislation restricting abortion rights. He is the biggest ahole around, and no surprise he’s Trump sidekick. I mean he was trying to force woman to have a funeral for the fetus if they had an abortion. My 19 year old niece asked me to come down and go to the rally.

    I can’t understand for the life of me why anyone would vote for Trump. I went to Planned Parenthood many times in my life. It was a godsend for a young woman with no health insurance. In many rural areas, Planned Parenthood is the only medical facilities that are available. Our asspipe governor here in Wisconsin, Scott Walker has defunded most of the Planned Parenthood’s in our state.

    When do you think this war on women will end? I hope to god Hillary gets elected. I’m so tired of these politicians trying to tell me what to do with my body.

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    1. Planned Parenthood charges a small fee, I believe, for mammograms, pregnancy tests, and contraceptive advice and sales. We also have public health clinics where those with no insurance can receive treatment. They wouldn’t address major medical issues like cancer or surgery, though–just routine stuff.
      Republicans have long sought to defund Planned Parenthood over the abortion issue–even though no federal funding is provided for abortions. They’d be robbing low income women of an important health resource.

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  2. First off, I’m very glad you got such a prompt diagnosis and your treatment and recovery were so smooth. I completely agree with your point, though. Decent healthcare (including screening) should be something that everyone has access to no matter how rich or poor they are.

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