Considering Calamity

What if Trump wins this election? I’ve invested so much of my time, my sweat, and even my money to electing Hillary that I’m not sure how I will handle a loss, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t considered my options in case the worst should happen.

The first thing I’ll do is pray. I’ll pray that there is some substance to this man beyond the demagoguery and bluster. I’ll pray that he surrounds himself with intelligent and steady handed people who actually have experience in governing. And I’ll follow that up with a fervent prayer that he is capable of listening to them and of taking their advice. Thus far I haven’t seen that side of him.

I’ll keep on working for Liberal causes: health care as a right and not a privilege, a living wage for all working Americans, reproductive rights for women, affordable college that doesn’t burden students for their entire adult lives, racial and gender equality, LGBT rights, and compassionate immigration reform along with common sense gun regulations.

I still believe Americans as a whole are too smart to fall for Trump’s grandiose lies and hate filled rhetoric, but they’ve gotten him this far. No one thought he’d win the party nomination, but here he is. 

Friends, there has never been a more qualified, more experienced candidate for the office of the American presidency than Hillary Rodham Clinton. You don’t have to like her. You don’t have to think she’s perfect. But if you want an America that we can be proud of, one that values the rights of all Americans, not just those of white men, you need to get out and vote for her. 

Vote early if you can in your state. Don’t let anyone intimidate you. Just vote.

Peace, and common sense, folks.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

17 thoughts on “Considering Calamity”

  1. Healthcare ‘free at the point of contact’. We don’t do much right in the UK and our NHS suffers these days through inadequate funding yet thankfully, that old socialist dream, long since a reality, lingers on. All nations should have it. And, while praying is not my thing I am 100% with you on this Trump thing. I know I’m not an American, so you could say ‘what has it got to do with you?’ The thing is, when a vile lump of humanity has his finger ‘on the button’ it matters to the whole planet. Best of luck with this young Leslie.

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  2. We voted today! My first time ever voting early. It worked like a charm, and we pulled out of the parking lot, I gave two quick beeps and a wave to the Hillary guy holding a sign near the road. From now till Tuesday night I’ll listen to Anna Nalick sing: “Just breathe….”

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      1. A great song, LuAnne. And how cool the found a way to include it in your wonderful poem. NICE.

        A pity Anna never really found success after that, but I see from her web site that she’s still out there performing. Good for her. – Marty

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      2. Yes, I have not seen anything else from her either. I sent her my poem via her web site for her approval/input but never heard anything from her. She is probably just involved in another part of her life. Thanks for dropping by. It’s nice to meet you!

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  3. I agree with your philosophy. Hope for the best. If Trump does win, hope that there is substance there, somewhere. I say the same after every election – it may not be the candidate that I hoped for, but I do wish him/her success because then my country is successful, and that is most important. Keep working for the causes you value! AS a Canadian, I can say that universal healthcare should be a right – I have never had to worry about care for me or my family, and I cannot imagine the stress that that worry must cause.

    (I hope I do not sound preach, just supportive. It is a difficult time in your country, and the world is watching and hoping with you.)

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  4. Lovely picture! I’ve been thinking about the same thing. I know if the worst comes to pass, I’ll continue working for the political causes I believe in on the local level and try my best to make the right choices in my personal life–that’s all I can do….

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