2017 in 2017

I’ve gained quite a bit of weight in the past two years. I’d be more specific, but who needs the depressing details? Let’s just say that the bathroom scales and I have climbed to previously untapped heights and leave it at that.

Early on New Year’s Day I was scrolling through Facebook and saw a post about a challenge to walk/run 2017 miles in 2017. The sign up deadline was midnight on 1/1/17, so I hesitated for only a moment before clicking on the link and paying my money. 

I’m now committed (or perhaps should be). 2017 miles in 365 days means I need to average 5.5 miles a day this year, or 38.5 per week. I jokingly told a blogging friend that as of Friday I only have 2016.5 miles to go. The truth is, I’m kind of on track. With one and a half days left in this first week of January I’ve walked almost 32 miles! 

Hopefully I’ll have more weight loss success than this guy ^^^.

Remember the scene in the original Peter Pan where Tinker Bell is on the verge of fading into oblivion and Peter, a.k.a. Mary Martin, begs the audience to applaud to bring her back? I used to clap so loudly that the folks next door complained to my parents. Well, I’m going to need your applause here if I’m going to succeed in walking 2017 miles this year. Exercise is not my first (or third or ninetieth) inclination, but with your help, as Peter Pan is my witness, I can do this.


Peace, people! Um, I can’t hear you. 


First star knows about wishes.
She hears them murmured wistfully:
Star light,
Star bright,
First star I see tonight,

First star understands wishes.
She gathers them like forget-me-nots:
I wish I may,
I wish I might,
Have this wish I wish tonight

First star hears wishes,
and then promptly forgets them.
Star light,
Star new,
I wasted many a wish on you.

First star regrets her lapses,
but what can we expect from a ball of gasses?
I wish I may,
Oh, wish I do,
To someday have a wish come true

I’m Dreaming of a Baby Elephant 

My dreams are technicolor wonders. Many mornings I wake up and feel like I’ve just attended the world premiere of a major Hollywood movie. Of course upon further reflection the dreams come closer to being low budget indie productions, but still quite entertaining. 

Take last night’s offering, for example. For some reason, Studly and I were living in an apartment complex. He sent me on an errand, and I drove around the inner courtyard of the complex trying to find an exit to the street. As I turned a corner I came face to face with the cutest baby elephant you’ve ever seen. 

I couldn’t wait to tell Studly, so I hurried back to our apartment where I discovered him dressed in a beige plaid suit. Beige. Plaid. I tried to tell him about the baby elephant, but he told me to hurry up and get dressed because he was going to be in a friend’s wedding. 

Most of my clothes were at our old house, but I quickly found a floral tutu type skirt in my closet and paired it with heels and a black t-shirt. As we set off in our car, the road became narrower, turning into a single lane, then a sidewalk, and finally something no wider than a curb. Our car morphed into a motorcycle and then a bicycle built for two as the road grew smaller.

Just before I woke up I looked back and the baby elephant was attempting to catch up to us. My arms ached with the need to cradle this little one. 

Interestingly enough, I’ve had the narrowing road appear in my dreams often. In my amateurish attempts to analyze my dreams I’ve come to believe that my subconscious is reminding me that my options are narrowing as I grow older. But the baby elephant indicates that there are still sweet surprises awaiting. Where are you little elephant?

Peace, people!

Family Photos

The Doright Family converged on Nashville, Tennessee, for Christmas. We rented a home on Old Hickory Lake through Home Away and spent four days in close quarters. I’m pleased to announce that not one of the twelve people present was harmed during our long weekend of enforced confinement. See, miracles do still happen.

As part of our Christmas gift our children arranged for a photographer to come out to the house on Christmas Eve to take family photos. The last family photos were circa 2002, so we were way past due. 

Here are a few of my favorites:

Studly Doright and Moi
Daughter Ashley and Son Jason join the Dynamic Doright Duo
All the Grands
Jackson and Garrett
Eldest grandson, Garrett
Youngest grandson, Jackson
Eldest granddaughter, Dominique
Middle granddaughter, McKayla
Youngest grandchild, Harper
The big girls
Daughter Ashley and her family
Son Jason and his family
Just the granddaughters
The whole bunch featuring Saint Helen

Acoustic, Yet Radioactive 

Sirius/XM satellite radio might be the greatest invention of all time. If talk radio is your thing, they’ve got you covered. News? Covered. Traffic and weather? Covered. Sports? They’re all over that. But greatest of all is the quality and quantity of channels catering to music.

Remember the old days when your favorite song would begin playing on an FM station just as the family’s Chevy pulled out of broadcast range? Torture! Especially if Daddy was driving. He wouldn’t even attempt to tune the dial to reclaim the song, as opposed to when he lost the signal for a high school football game broadcast on an AM station. Then we were treated to static of varying quality in his search for a even hint of the game. Good times, but I digress.

Thanks to Sirius/XM I can listen to one station for the entire length of my journey, barring brief interruptions incurred whilst driving under overpasses or through tunnels. Truly, it’s a beautiful thing.

My favorite music station on Sirius is Coffeehouse, where only acoustic versions of songs are featured. Some of the offerings are quirky, but others hit it out of the park. One day this week I heard Imagine Dragons’ acoustic version of their hit, Radioactive. I do believe it’s a home run.