Happy Place

Happiness is…

…being in my daughter’s home.

…listening to my eldest grandson talk about a book he’s writing.

…watching our middle granddaughter practice her cheerleading routine.

…waking up to the exuberant sounds of our youngest grandchild greeting a new day.

On this Wednesday morning, I am so incredibly happy.

Figuratively Speaking

From frying pan to fire and
To neighbor’s greener grass,
Life’s trials sure seem rosier
Seen through the looking glass.

But reality’s a cruel taskmaster
And luck not always a lady,
Hearts grow fonder with absence
For someone else’s baby.

Peace, people.

What Keeps Us Going?


Caveat: This is a narcissistic post from a narcissistic person (me). Read at your own risk.

My life lately has felt like a bad roller coaster. No highs, just a series of gut clenching drops. It’s as if someone out there is wondering just how low I can fall.
I won’t go into details, those would be boring, but I’ve accepted the idea that many of the lows can be attributed directly to my own behaviors. Sometimes I’m not a very nice person. 

There is a big hole in my character. I’m needy and self-centered, and I crave reassurance. When I’m happy, the whole world could be going down the toilet, and it just wouldn’t matter. When I’m not happy, ain’t nobody gonna be happy. (Forgive the grammar; I was making a point.)

What makes me happiest is having an event or activity I can look forward to–say, going to see my kids who live many miles away, or planning a trip to Guatemala, or to an impending class reunion. But we all know those kinds of things can’t happen on a regular basis. 

So how do I keep going and stay happy, on a day to day basis? This blog is one way. I love the feedback and the “likes” and the clicks. They satisfy my need for attention.

Phone calls with my favorite people are another boost to my attitude. FaceTiming with a grandchild can lift my spirits for days. Oddly enough I seldom initiate those calls for fear they’ll be busy and I’ll be intruding.

My relationship with my mother-in-law, Saint Helen, makes me happy, and news that she might be coming for a visit soon has done wonders for my frame of mind. Yay!

I’m not sure what my original point was in writing this except that I began wondering what keeps others going when they sink, or if they sink, into the pit of self-pity. How do you pull yourself up and ignore the greedy little needs that keep you from being happy and productive? 

I’m curious. 

Peace, people!

Their Love Endured Forever

I’m operating my blog on cruise control right now. My trip to Illinois cut into my writing time, so this is what my readers get today.

I’d love to get your happiest four word stories in my comments box. Mine would be “They danced every day.” What’s yours? 

Peace, people!

Name that Emotion

Emotions can be complicated. Granted, sometimes I’m happy, other times sad, but there are other emotions on which I am unable to hang a label. Indeed, I might not even have recognized these emotions before coming across this list on Facebook, but I’ve felt most of them at one time or another.


(There are grammatical errors embedded in the list above, perhaps due to translation issues, but none of the meaning is lost.)

Some of the descriptions resonate so strongly that they trigger the feelings ascribed to them. For example, #5, “vellichor: the strange wistfulness of used bookstores,” instantly evokes the musty smell of well used books and the sense of longing I experience upon crossing the threshold of such an establishment.

The oddest is “lachesism: the desire to be struck by disaster–to survive a plane crash, or to lose everything in a fire.” I’m fairly certain that’s one I have no desire to entertain, but I can’t judge. Heaven knows I’ve experienced #’s 6, 9, and 22 more than a few times.

I have one of my own to add to the list. Pediluxuria: the feeling of having perfectly pristine feet that follows a spa pedicure. Not bad, eh?

Peace, people