26 thoughts on “Oh, The Humanity!”

      1. Yay! We’re seeing Steve Martin and Martin Short in Clearwater Fri. night. Then sightseeing on Saturday. Any things you consider a must see? We like quaint little towns. Someone her suggested Ybo City. Thoughts?


      2. You mean must see areas in Clearwater? We are a bit south of Clearwater in Venice. I don’t think SSNS (shortssandalsnosocks, the husband) and I have ever been in Clearwater. We have only been in and out of Tampa. Venice and the island of Venice are quaint little areas but a bit farther down the coast… 🙂 We are heading to St. Pete Beach this weekend to meet with SSNS brother and his wife who are here from Missouri. They have been here in Venice for three days with us thinking the delightfully warm weather would show up!

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  1. I did a double take when I first saw the headline in a Washington Post article. I honestly thought I’d seen it wrong and it was really from the Onion. Do you have protective falling iguana headgear for when you go out? lol!

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  2. I had to laugh when I read this news on weather.com. We just returned from Mexico and loved the giant iguanas, especially the orange ones with black stripes. (I called them tiger iguanas.) We watched a smaller grey one climb a tree and jump from branch to branch, missing his step once and falling, splash!, into the river. And quite a splash he made. Hope you are staying warm.

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