Draft Choices

If you’re a blogger do you find that sometimes titles for blog posts pop into your head? You might not have anything in mind to write about, then, wham! I have that happen all the time, and sometimes the titles even develop into something that’s printable.

Right now I’m figuratively sitting on half a dozen titles, some I’ve attempted to flesh out with additional words, while others have remained untouched.

Here are a few titles in my draft file. Hopefully by sharing these some creative urge will strike. Otherwise, I’m going to write more about my cat’s urination habits, and I think we’ve all had enough of that. I have anyway.

Things We Mourn (I think this is going to be a poem)

Weighing In (me, talking. Earth shatttering, I know)

Life on Mars (rambling poem–it rhymes sort of)

About Your Mom (everything the grandkids need to know about my daughter, their mom)

That Song (I have no idea)

Collective Whole (A thing I thought and then forgot)

Are you a “Title” person? Does the title come first or do you add one just before you publish? I’m truly curious.

Peace, people

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

34 thoughts on “Draft Choices”

  1. what’s in a name, the Indian chief is outside his teepee, with his young son, the son is curious, dada he says, how did you name us all, well, the chief says, when your sister was born, I looked out the tent that great day and saw a running bear, so i called your sister running bear, why do you ask two dogs shitting, says the chief ..what’s in a name you ask?

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  2. I save the title until the end, hoping to be inspired by the words in the post. That only seems to cause me to end up with boring titles I suspect. Blog titles remind me of attempts to come up with insightful research paper titles- succinct, dry, professional- but informative.

    I would prefer to skip titles altogether.

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  3. I absolutely hate titles or naming ANYTHING (and why so many of my photo posts are named so simply), so I’m going to second the idea that you start a business for bloggers. They always say that the best way to make money is to sell the stuff to the people that do all the work.

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      1. My God Leslie, I am the most disorganized person I know. And yesterday I came unstuck, looking for this dress in one of my cupboards… Okay int eh sea that is one of my cupboards. I Despite the chaos I always know where everything is. On this occasion??? Anyway I did clear out a ton of clothes. A serious ton. Then I looked everywhere else for that dress. Nope. Eventually yep… I got it. On the floor of the cupboard under the sea of shoes. So yeah technically I did know where it was BUT. So today? Today I sorted the pot and oven dish cupboard.

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  4. Like Deb, I usually come up with a title after I’ve written the post. It’s a wonderful backwards activity I think. For a few years I was a tech writer and I enjoyed compiling the index for Help files. Go figure. I love your titles here and look forward to reading the posts for them. You are brave to write a post titled About Your Mom.

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  5. I don’t think about the title until I’m a fair way into writing the story. Then, as my mind leaps from one thing to another, I find a funny (humorous to me, anyway) connection between the title and the story. It could already be a song or film title, or something vaguely linked with the theme. Imagine you’re playing that game where you have to describe a word and you’re shouting out random phrases to try and get the other person to recall a memory or cultural reference relating to that word.

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    1. I occasionally arrive at a title in that fashion. Usually, though, I start with a working title and seldom do I change it, but a few times I have arrived at a more appropriate one using a method similar to yours.

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