Carrying this torch

Searching for a man of truth

Even as hope wanes

Dear Diogenes,

Were you here today you’d see

Nothing’s ever changed

Corruption prevails

For all the world to witness

Naked before us

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

18 thoughts on “Lantern”

  1. But I am smiling at your first image. years back we went to this ‘nightclub’ a ruined village, in the hills in the wilds of Tilos, utterly amazing place, that shut when the last customer left…usually us at 6am …and that you went to on a ‘bus’ at least that was what it was said to be. Anyway the first night the hubby missed the step and went all his length getting down. As he was helped to his feet by two Greek waiters, I glanced round and here was this guy just like that picture, with a stick and all, clambering up these massive boulders to get up to main bit. I thought… ‘Wow . What is this place? I am defo following him… And left the hubby to it.’

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    1. To answer the question about what the place was… well it was the kind of place, that when you walked to, empty and deserted, during the day for a nosy, you were appalled to think how you had led conga lines over 40 foot drops the night before…

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