This love child of black and white

A color between

I bathed in gray skies

Then wandered on white beaches

Draped in cotton robes

In this universe

Gravity takes the shape of gray

All things fall to earth

Peace, people.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

26 thoughts on “Gray”

    1. Mine is the middle pairing. The first line of it came to me while I was driving on a beautifully moody gray day. I kept trying to make it the first poem in the sequence, but it didn’t feel right. It’s weird how that works.

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      1. Yep… In many ways an accident waiting to happen. Hey.. gonna get a new cooker out of it and since that one came with the house…I have no idea how old it was. So not even looking at having it repaired. But yeah… I was busy you know fancifying the meal at the time. Fortunately it had a smaller top oven. not brill but enuff to give us our meal as we raked for torches and candles .

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  1. Shades of grey are beautiful and compliment mist outfits and room deco`re. But apply it to the sky or to describe an emotion, Then it’s rainy, dank, dreary, miserable or depressed. A good post, great photos too. Grey gets a rough trot, I think.

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