The Best of 2017

I have a confession to make. I’ve been blogging here on WordPress for several years now and didn’t realize I could go into my stats and identify my posts in order of the number of times they’d been viewed by year.

I kept wondering how fellow bloggers were posting their “best of” retrospectives with such confidence. Were they guessing? Had they kept daily notes? And y’all wonder why I haven’t yet had anything published–I’m overwhelmed by the details of such things.

At any rate once someone pointed me to the right tab I realized I, too, could post a best of 2017 article. Since we’re well into 2018, I’ll just do a list with links rather than reblogging the top five in separate posts. Of course, that’s if I can figure out how to do all that.

Without further ado, here are my top five posts in order:

#5 Not That Desperate

#4 Shipping Label Humor

#3 When in Ireland

#2 Vagina Wars: A New Hope

#1 was my Home Page/Archives with almost 5,000 views this year. Not bad for a blogger who hasn’t figured out what the heck she’s doing here!

Above: irrelevant photo of Elsie Leslie Lyde, a mid-19th century actress. I figured she wouldn’t have figured out the stats tab thing either, plus I liked her name.

Greatest Day in History (for my blog)

Thank you friends for making yesterday the best ever for Praying for Eyebrowz. I realize compared to many of you my numbers were still paltry, but for me they were a big deal. 

Prior to yesterday my greatest number of views was 119 set in January. 

Yesterday I hit 134 views. I might have done a happy dance. 

I did a great deal of original blogging yesterday. My thinker was fully engaged. Plus, I reblogged some great pieces written by bloggers I follow. When Studly Doright asked how I’d spent my day I told him I’d theorized and plagiarized. (I don’t think reblogging counts as plagiarism, especially since I always credit the author.)

Finally my favorite of the stats is this one:

I really enjoy seeing where my posts have been read. It’s almost as if I’ve traveled to Turkey, handed my writing to a beautiful person sitting in a cafe and said, “Friend, tell me what you think.”

Then we laugh over our boza and bask in the warmth of the Turkish sun.


May your day be the best ever.

Peace, people!

Praying for Eyebrowz Copyright 2015 by Leslie Noyes.

Wordpress Forum

Since I am not sure how to directly contact someone at WordPress (do they hide that information on purpose?) I thought I’d try to post something on the forum, but I’m not even sure if I’m doing that correctly.

First, I want to thank WP for providing me a forum and an outlet. Also, my articles are now sharing correctly on Facebook. For awhile there, every post was being treated as a photo in spite of my settings.

On the other hand, I believe the stats have been incorrect for several weeks. As an example I posted a piece earlier today (5-18-15) and have had at least eight notifications that this post has been “liked” but only two views appear in my stats. 

I understand that some folks might just click “like” without having read the post, but several of these people don’t follow me. I’d have to think they’ve actually visited my blog and read the post in order to “like” it.

This phenomenon isn’t limited to today’s post, but it’s the first day I’ve kept track of the number of notifications.

I know my blog is small potatoes, but they’re my potatoes and I’d like them properly counted.


Leslie Noyes