I Can’t Get Up

There’s a cat sleeping on my lap.

I need to rise and shine, but I cannot do so. My legs are numb from the weight of her. In fact, it’s possible that everything from my hips down has atrophied. I’d likely topple over if I tried to stand, so for now I’m snuggled in bed with a cat on my lap.

There are far worse predicaments to be in. Maybe I’ll mediate while I’m here. Ommmm. Or call it yoga. I’ve heard of goat yoga, why not cat yoga? The Sleeping Cat Captive pose.

Peace, people.

Sweet Sleep in an App

Sleep is often my fickle friend. She’ll visit three nights in a row and then not again for a week. It doesn’t matter how I’ve spent my evening or what I’ve eaten for dinner or watched on the evening news. Sometimes, though, there is a correlation between my late evening internet usage and my ability to fall asleep, so I do try to put my phone away an hour or two before bedtime. Even then sleep isn’t guaranteed.

Staying in strange hotel rooms adds to the likelihood that I won’t sleep, and last week when I traveled to Austin from Doright Manor I spent a sleepless night in a Drury Inn in Lafayette, Louisiana. Now, that’s when my gastric pain started, but even once it tapered off I could not fall asleep, instead tossing and turning until the sun rose.

I wearily went about the business of getting ready to travel on to Austin, showered, and turned on the morning news to keep me company as I packed. Lo and behold the panelists on one of the morning news shows were discussing sleep apps. I listened and jotted down some notes before leaving the room.

When I got to my Austin hotel I read over my notes and picked one of the apps to try. It’s called “Calm” and I’m here to tell you it’s working wonders in my life. I slept beautifully both nights in Austin, and only struggled with sleep one night afterwards–and that was most likely because I took a nap that same afternoon.

I chose the “Calm” app for a couple of reasons. First, because it’s also a meditation app, and I seem to respond well to meditative exercises. But the main reason was that in addition to offering calming music and white noise, the app has different narrators read excerpts of books as bedtime stories for grown ups.

Studly Doright laughed at me when I told him about the app, but now he’s noticed a change in my sleeping habits that’s resulted in me being a happier spouse. Even dealing with whatever is going on in my digestive tract, I’m able to fall asleep listening to these stories.

I was afraid the narration would bother Studly, but he claims he can’t hear anything other than my breathing. That’s an unexpected perk of growing old, I suppose. I tuck my iPhone under my pillow and most nights I fall asleep within just a few minutes of the story’s beginning.

So far I have some favorite stories: Matthew McConaughey reads a piece called “Wonder” that I still haven’t heard the end of. Astronaut Terry Verts tells of seeing earth from space, and his words are beautiful and peaceful.

There are many stories I haven’t gotten to listen to yet, but right now I’m sticking to a few tried and true tales.

I tend to find the deeper male voices more calming, or maybe the women’s voices just make me want to listen longer. Regardless, this app has made a huge difference. (Hoping I’m not jinxing my progress by typing this).

The initial week of “Calm” is free, but it costs right at $60 for a year’s subscription. That almost turned me off, but after the week was over I was convinced the app was worth it. If you’re struggling with sleeplessness, you might want to give it a try. Let me know if you do. I’d like to compare notes.

Peace and good sleep, people!

Meditation Song (reblog)

I’m not feeling very energetic this morning. I’ll spare you the details, but hoping to see my doctor sometime today. In the meantime, I thought this previously posted poem might suffice for my daily offering.

Peace, people.


Meditation Song

I am the tuning fork, a shimmering frisson of vibration calling the heart to harmony

I am also the rock, though, throwing ripples concentrically across once calmed waters

Peace and chaos vie for my soul, my meditation song pulled from the place of light

Spilling haphardly across the courtyard where I tend tightly ordered rows of flowers

Regimental form forced on blood red roses contrary to their petals’ better nature,

Never certain which will win the day, tranquility or turmoil, I toil with hope and a smidgen of fear.

Time Travel

mastering the art of traveling through time took less skill than anticipated.

even so, i lifted weights, jogged for hours,
and deeply meditated.

finally i prepared to leap into the fourth dimension

engaged the machine and catapulted in a westerly direction

behold, i left at 1 p.m. eastern and arrived at 12:30 p.m. central

thus proving for once that time travel is somewhat preferential.

of course on my return to feathered nest the hour I did give back

So naught was gained on this fair day; my methods sorely did lack.


in shadowed spaces
look up into the gloom
whales call sonorously
peripherally, fan blades
negative thoughts intrude
failures and regrets
grant them pardons
mind making peace
body seeking balance
soul sighing gratefully


Common Side Effects

The price we pay,

And it is substantial,

To cue our ills

Is more than financial:



Difficulty in swallowing



Bouts of unchecked wallowing



Excessive flatulence


Muscle spasms

Shortness of extravagance

Why, oh why

Can’t side effects be

Welcome symptoms

Of living healthily?

Only when physicians

Prescribe meditation

And bright sunshine

Will patients discover the

Side effect of feeling fine. 




Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park, Tallahassee, FL

I stumble daily:
help me
daily find
the courage,
wisdom, and
to handle
each stumble
and to
refrain from
judging the
stumbles of

Peace, people.