Time Travel

mastering the art of traveling through time took less skill than anticipated.

even so, i lifted weights, jogged for hours,
and deeply meditated.

finally i prepared to leap into the fourth dimension

engaged the machine and catapulted in a westerly direction

behold, i left at 1 p.m. eastern and arrived at 12:30 p.m. central

thus proving for once that time travel is somewhat preferential.

of course on my return to feathered nest the hour I did give back

So naught was gained on this fair day; my methods sorely did lack.


reclined on
a bed of nails
sharpened spikes
evenly distributed,
i entrust the safety
of my body’s unmarked skin
to the holy force of physics
and still, in the quietude
of darkest, velvet night
the troubled mind can
find no peace tucked
beneath a concrete
blanket of equal
and opposite