The Lizard Among Us

Studly Doright was puttering around in the kitchen this evening when I heard him shriek. Studly’s shrieks are so cute.

The little guy above jumped out from behind my fruit basket and onto the counter where Studly was assembling our baked potatoes. Since I’m the resident critter wrangler, I attempted to corral the lizard so I could take him outside, but the little guy thought I meant him harm, so he made a run for it and disappeared into the cabinet.

I might never open a cabinet door again. I’m not sure my heart could stand the surprise.

Peace, people!

A Puzzle Solved?

A couple of days ago I wrote a piece about a mysterious antique I’d purchased at an estate sale in Dallas:

When I published that post I was fairly certain I knew exactly what the antique’s purpose was, but I thought it would be fun to see what my readers thought.

Here’s the antique in question:

My readers had some great ideas:

I truly believed that this silver piece was a butter server. One would put ice in the bottom section, place butter on the round piece, and lay that atop the ice filled bowl. The dome could be raised to serve, or closed to cover the food. A small spreading knife could be placed in the attached holder at the bottom. All very elegant and old worldly. And when I googled “antique silver butter servers” I saw this:

It’s quite similar to my piece. But after I read Marty’s comment (below), I was no longer so certain.

Here’s what I found when I googled the holiday, Sukkot:

Again, similar to, but much smaller than my piece. If it weren’t for the Star of David I’d be all in on my butter server theory, but the religious symbol gives me reason to doubt.

Regardless of its purpose I’m fond of my estate sale find. And this morning as I was decorating my home for Halloween, I noticed someone else had taken an interest in this antique:

Maybe he can save me money on my car insurance.