The Lizard Among Us

Studly Doright was puttering around in the kitchen this evening when I heard him shriek. Studly’s shrieks are so cute.

The little guy above jumped out from behind my fruit basket and onto the counter where Studly was assembling our baked potatoes. Since I’m the resident critter wrangler, I attempted to corral the lizard so I could take him outside, but the little guy thought I meant him harm, so he made a run for it and disappeared into the cabinet.

I might never open a cabinet door again. I’m not sure my heart could stand the surprise.

Peace, people!

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

26 thoughts on “The Lizard Among Us”

  1. My outdoor cats love these little guys. LOVE them. They bring them into the garage as gifts or something…. Sadly, they never make it out alive. Not sure how Grace would react, but….

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    1. Gracie brought a lizard in several days ago. I thought she was playing with a leaf until I got closer. I scooped the poor little guy up and took him outside. Gracie was NOT happy with me!

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      1. That’s so funny about the leaf, because that was what I thought, too! My cats were throwing the poor things in the air and having the best time. I hope you are able to rescue this little guy–he’s cute!

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  2. I was just reading a book of short stories, many of them set in Florida. This guy made quite an appearance there as well. Up here we just get the occasional spider…

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