Snapshots #224 and #225 and a Brief Rant

Early voting began yesterday in Florida. I had planned to be first in line at the polls, but I settled for being #22.

I call this one, “I Wore Blue to Vote Blue.”

And this closeup is called, “Feminists Vote Blue.”

Thanks to my friend Linda for the necklace. I wear it proudly.

Yes, I realize I wear my heart and my vote on my sleeve. Yes, I realize the odds of turning Florida blue are against us. But every vote counts and I have to keep on believing that we can make this a better place to raise children and care for our seniors.

Only the Democrats favor health care reform that doesn’t exclude people with pre-existing conditions from having access to affordable insurance. Only Democrats support salary increases for public school teachers. Only Democrats fight for social security, Medicaid, and Medicare. Only Democrats are standing up to the NRA in order to enact and enforce sensible gun ownership laws. Only Democrats fight for the rights of LGBTQ citizens. Only Democrats are working to stop the cruel separation of immigrant children and parents at our borders. Only Democrats support a woman’s right to choose.

I’m a reformed conservative, and I vote blue for all of the reasons stated above and more.

Sugarcoat This

Sugarcoat This
By Leslie Noyes

I cannot sugarcoat this, the life you are destined for. It is not fair, but then life never is. Child, girls tend to get the short

End of the stick. What can I tell you? I am just an old widow, but maybe you should remember to do the bidding

Of your husband. Be sure to do your wifely duties, that might keep him faithful. Cook him three square meals a day,

And always look your best when he comes around. If you play your cards right there might be some sort of

Silver lining down the long road. The young woman listened respectfully to her old granny's words, nodded in all the right

Places, and patted the woman's gnarled hand. "I can't sugarcoat this Granny, and I mean no disrespect, but screw that."

Beauties and Beasties

Three hags around a cauldron hot,
Two tall, one short, all steeped in rot

“Sisters, dear,” the short witch rasped,
“Please join me in my evil chant.”

And so the wicked three clasped hands
Enpowered by their fevered rant:

Warted toads and skinny skinks,
Strangled pigs and hair of lynx,

Essence of offal, rattlesnake’s tongue,
Sweat of warthog, elephant’s dung.

Lizard’s lips, slime of slug,
C’mon girls let’s chug a lug.

Feverishly they consumed the potion
A night of devilment set in motion

Quickly worked the magic brew
Hags became beauties right on cue

Summoned they a carriage grand
And ventured out upon the land

In search of men unvirtuous,
The shallow and oblivious

Easy prey for witches three
On Halloween, the hags were free

Tortured men with promised kisses
Allowed them to fulfill their wishes

But every man seduced in turn
Soon felt his skin begin to burn

Venomous kisses raised seeping blisters
The mark of conquest from evil sisters

And when All Hallows Eve was o’er
Three witches laughed at settled scores

Shaved Legs

I shaved my legs this morning, just as I shaved them yesterday and the day before, as

Far back as fifth grade when an older boy looked at the soft brown hair highlighted against my pale

Skin and made a disparaging remark about my burgeoning femininity. His words inflicted

Shame on my body. Where before I’d felt they were a part of me, now my legs were alien

Enemies, beings that had sprouted unsightly fur seemingly overnight with no advance

Warning. As soon as school dismissed I hurried home and beseeched my mom for my own

Razor. Oh, you don’t want to start shaving, just yet, she said, Once started, you cannot stop.

Yet she gave in, instructing me in the depilatory arts. And damned if she wasn’t right.


Finally, A Group I Identify With

I’m not gay, bi, trans, or even curious, but I am an ally.

I’m not Black, but I wholly support Black Lives Matter.

I’m not an immigrant, but I am for fair treatment and compassion.

Not to diminish a single one of these, but I was beginning to feel I had no group. Now I do. 

Well, I’m also a feminist, so there’s that. 

Peace, people!