Equality Rant

The graphic above prompted me to go on a rant on Facebook yesterday. First, because I agree wholeheartedly with the author, but mostly because I’m sick and damned tired of the inequalities present in this country.

How will we ever measure the loss of the intellectual contributions of women and people of color over the course of history? Has anyone ever made an attempt to calculate the costs of misogyny, racism, and xenophobia?

The patriarchy, in all its glory, has not only managed to restrict the rights of those who are non-white and non-male, but in the process of doing so, managed to literally rob society of the potential residing in countless members of their non-privileged counterparts.

Certainly there have been outliers who’ve transcended race and gender to succeed in this predominantly white male-dominated society, but just imagine what we could be as a nation if everyone was valued. Just maybe we should begin looking at this issue from an economic position rather than a humanitarian one. After all, money is pretty much all some people care about.

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39 thoughts on “Equality Rant”

  1. Utopia is the end game. As humans we are young and working out the kinks. We are at the stage of power by money. We are learning to walk….total equality across the board is a long way off. Our leaders are not the smartest, the most experienced, those with the singular intention of making us better…they are the best manipulators, the most selfish, those willing to step on backs for their own good. Racial equality will never exist until we mate ourselves into the same color. we will either evolve socially or we will all die by our own creations. The process is hard to be in the middle of , I grant you that Les…..

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    1. Our steps are too small because the dominant class makes sure of that. Utopia doesn’t/can’t exist because we’re flawed. But, we can ameliorate some of the suffering by closing the gaps.

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  2. I can’t even begin, because if I did I wouldn’t get to work today, but I am so on board with everything you say. I haven’t ranted in a long time… thanks for being my voice with this post.

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  3. Absolutely agree with everything you’ve written and I’m in Australia! I’ve got this horrible feeling that Trump has set wheels in motions, but the wheels are going backwards. I just got into an argument with some UK folks that are calling the Duchess of Sussex a disgrace because she’s just gone on maternity leave. So wont be there for Trump. You know the American who walked in front…IN FRONT…of the Queen of England. But he’s fine. Worlds gone upside down.

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      1. Doesn’t matter. Just paraphrase the saying about what it takes for evil to triumph, from keeping silent, to pissing even if it is in the wind. Mr. Fat Pussygrabber is coming to the UK on a state visit no less, that as a Scot I want shot of, and he is meeting two of the biggest pocket-lining fascist bastards on the planet here in this Brexit mess and I frankly hope someone pisses on the three of them big time. What is the world coming to? Probably no place it hasn’t been for since eternity in some ways x

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  4. Very powerful post, Leslie. The text you copied into your post was right on. Thanks for sharing that. It is interesting to ponder all that our communities have lost by a efforts made by a fraction of the population imposing restrictions and limitations on the others. Just how many problems could be fixed if we were all working together.

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  5. Thank you for sharing this. The guy is right, it is not about abortion. Yes, they have changed the abortion law in Ireland, but none of the underlined has changed. I would add that we have one gyn specialist in the whole town. Bloody hypocrisy.

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      1. 20,000. I know, it is ridiculous. At the moment, 70,000 women in Ireland are waiting for a smear test. It is a tragedy. It is not that difficult to put through an abortion law and pretend they care. They don’t.

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      2. Yep. In this century, women and children are still vulnerable. Last year it came out that more than 200 women got reassuring results while in fact they had cancer. Many of them have died, some still fighting. It was a huge scandal, still is. I hate the hypocrites.

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  6. If an embryo is a child, than the sperm donor is the father and is legally responsible for its care and welfare, including child support from conception on. If the father encourages the woman to get an abortion, or abandons her, leaving her to make her own choice, than he should be charged with murder too. It truly is all about controlling women.

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  7. “just imagine what we could be as a nation if everyone was valued”
    I think about this often. Our world could be so much more advanced if we truly valued the contributions of women and people of color. My mother would always say it will never be right until God makes it right. I truly believe that. Only in God’s Kingdom will we see true equality, because God is not partial and values people of all nations (Daniel 2:44; Acts 10:34,35; Revelation 21:3,4)


  8. Fantastic post, I can hardly believe those statistics in Ireland. Sometimes inequality seems insurmountable but there must be a way forward. I have no doubt that posts like this get people talking and perhaps that in itself will get things rolling.

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