Equality Rant

The graphic above prompted me to go on a rant on Facebook yesterday. First, because I agree wholeheartedly with the author, but mostly because I’m sick and damned tired of the inequalities present in this country.

How will we ever measure the loss of the intellectual contributions of women and people of color over the course of history? Has anyone ever made an attempt to calculate the costs of misogyny, racism, and xenophobia?

The patriarchy, in all its glory, has not only managed to restrict the rights of those who are non-white and non-male, but in the process of doing so, managed to literally rob society of the potential residing in countless members of their non-privileged counterparts.

Certainly there have been outliers who’ve transcended race and gender to succeed in this predominantly white male-dominated society, but just imagine what we could be as a nation if everyone was valued. Just maybe we should begin looking at this issue from an economic position rather than a humanitarian one. After all, money is pretty much all some people care about.

Marching FOR Women’s Rights

I marched in the rain
With thousands of
Like-minded people
My tears fell as I
searched for parking

Joyful that it was
IMPOSSIBLE given the
Number of women and men
Of ALL ages and colors
Who joined their voices

In support of women’s
Inalienable rights.
Democracy in action.
My ball gown was a poncho,
My stilletos, tennis shoes.

Trump, in your ivory tower,
Heed this, our cry:
Women’s rights are Human
Rights! Liberty for one;
Liberty for ALL.

My friend Julie and I were about midway in the long line of people that stretched from Railroad Park up the hill to Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU). Estimates indicate more than a thousand people took to the streets to express our fervent plea that women’s rights and the rights of minorities be honored in this new administration.

Rain fell intermittently, but spirits were high. Nothing could dampen the glow of democracy in our midst.