Impending Milestone Birthday

In less than one week I will celebrate my most significant birthday since I turned 21. But with a lot less fanfare, fewer drinks, and no hangover. Yes, I am approaching 65, the golden age of social security and Medicare in the United States.

I’d prefer to have ignored how old I’m about to be, but around six months ago I began receiving at least one piece of mail a day from a Medicare supplement provider. If I’d kept them all I could have wallpapered our guest bathroom with the literature detailing the fine points of each plan. Maybe I should have as a public service—most of my friends are nearing 65, as well.

A couple of weeks ago I opened a letter to find my official Medicare card inside. My biggest hope is that I don’t have to use it for at least ten years, but it’s tucked into my wallet just in case someone needs to card me at a bar or something.

Yesterday I received a phone book-sized handbook. Not a big-city sized phone book, and not a recent one, more like an old one from my youth back when we still received new phone books once a year. Nowadays we only receive the Yellow Pages, but I digress. I digress because that’s what old people do, and even though I’m not yet 65 I need the practice. “Get off my lawn you young whippersnapper!”

I can picture the dude in the upper right hand corner saying “Whippersnapper.”

Don’t you just love how healthy and happy all the old folks look? Maybe I’ll look the same once I’m 65. Fingers crossed.

It’s thick! Like me!

I know age is more than just a number. It’s how one feels and acts, right? At the moment I feel annoyed about all the Medicare literature I keep getting. I’ll bet some young whippersnapper is having a good old time sending this stuff out.

Peace, people.

Snapshots #224 and #225 and a Brief Rant

Early voting began yesterday in Florida. I had planned to be first in line at the polls, but I settled for being #22.

I call this one, “I Wore Blue to Vote Blue.”

And this closeup is called, “Feminists Vote Blue.”

Thanks to my friend Linda for the necklace. I wear it proudly.

Yes, I realize I wear my heart and my vote on my sleeve. Yes, I realize the odds of turning Florida blue are against us. But every vote counts and I have to keep on believing that we can make this a better place to raise children and care for our seniors.

Only the Democrats favor health care reform that doesn’t exclude people with pre-existing conditions from having access to affordable insurance. Only Democrats support salary increases for public school teachers. Only Democrats fight for social security, Medicaid, and Medicare. Only Democrats are standing up to the NRA in order to enact and enforce sensible gun ownership laws. Only Democrats fight for the rights of LGBTQ citizens. Only Democrats are working to stop the cruel separation of immigrant children and parents at our borders. Only Democrats support a woman’s right to choose.

I’m a reformed conservative, and I vote blue for all of the reasons stated above and more.