Out of Character

I have on a slightly above-the-knee skirt, feminine blouse, and strappy, heeled sandals this morning. I’m wearing mascara and lipstick. 

My inner tomboy is appalled, screaming, “Don’t you dare leave the house looking this way! Imposter!”

My inner girly-girl is saying, “Just once won’t kill you. Stand up straight. Own the look.”

I have an hour before my appointment. We shall see which inner me wins.

Note: Neither of these look anything remotely like me. But you get the idea.

Peace, people.

Trade Offs

Boxers or briefs,
Salad or soup,
Ranch or French
Alone or a group?

Introvert or extrovert,
Country or rock,
Canine or feline,
Piaget or Spock?

Switchers or fighters,
Whole milk or fat free,
Harley or Yamaha,
Democrat or GOP?

Star Wars or Star Trek,
Beatles or the Stones,
Connery or Craig,
Han Solo or Indiana Jones?

Life is full of trade offs
Everything’s a choice
So hurry, close the menu
And give yourself a voice.


we’ve all
been there,
done that;
the wrong path
or even worse,
knowingly picked
the greater
of two evils,
and still
others never
had the chance
to see the
paths of
distinct for a
few, a blur to
why for some
are such choices
and for others,
merely sleeping
police in
destiny’s way?
happy accidents
of birth,
color, and
create a
line delineating
the merely flawed
from the
we know our place
even if we refuse
the claiming.