Some days writing posts for a daily blog is a grind. The post you’ve scheduled for publication doesn’t feel quite right, but you don’t have anything else ready so you publish it anyway, or worse yet there’s nothing in your queue and you find yourself scrounging for something, anything, to publish. 

Hey, here’s an amusing picture of a pregnant pig practicing Lamaze. It’ll do! 

But some days are just fun. Like today. I found several gems written by bloggers I follow. Some I reblogged and others I shared on Facebook or Twitter. My own scheduled post turned out well, and I even composed a quick on the spot piece when a flash of inspiration struck during lunch. Yes, I should have scheduled it for a future publication date, but sometimes a writer just needs instant feedback. I’ll worry about tomorrow, tomorrow. 

I also fiddled with a draft of a short story that’s been in the works for awhile. Hopefully one day soon the characters will let me know what they plan to do next. Right now I’m having difficulty getting out of a fictional whorehouse. Don’t judge. It’s complicated.

Maybe the best part of a fun blogging day is the feedback, the comments, and smiley faces. Interacting with fellow bloggers whether about my own writing or theirs is often the bright spot in my day. I have some insanely witty commenters. Don’t even read my blog posts, just read the comments section. Wait, I didn’t mean that. Shhhh!!!
So, if you’re a blogger does this all sound familiar? If you tell me every day is a piece of cake I might just paste a frownie face in your comments section.

Peace, people!

A semi-irrelevant picture of my sELFie and me.

Annual Report

WordPress occasionally annoys me, but most of the time I’m incredibly grateful for this wonderful platform they provide for my musings. The annual report provided by the good folks at WordPress is just one of the ways in which they support bloggers. The statistics are helpful and if I were a more analytical person I’m sure I would figure out a way to make them work for me.

Celebrating my year end report with Kringle, my elf friend

Greatest Day in History (for my blog)

Thank you friends for making yesterday the best ever for Praying for Eyebrowz. I realize compared to many of you my numbers were still paltry, but for me they were a big deal. 

Prior to yesterday my greatest number of views was 119 set in January. 

Yesterday I hit 134 views. I might have done a happy dance. 

I did a great deal of original blogging yesterday. My thinker was fully engaged. Plus, I reblogged some great pieces written by bloggers I follow. When Studly Doright asked how I’d spent my day I told him I’d theorized and plagiarized. (I don’t think reblogging counts as plagiarism, especially since I always credit the author.)

Finally my favorite of the stats is this one:

I really enjoy seeing where my posts have been read. It’s almost as if I’ve traveled to Turkey, handed my writing to a beautiful person sitting in a cafe and said, “Friend, tell me what you think.”

Then we laugh over our boza and bask in the warmth of the Turkish sun.


May your day be the best ever.

Peace, people!

Praying for Eyebrowz Copyright 2015 by Leslie Noyes.

Blogging and Originality

One of my blogging friends commented on a recent post of mine that it was un-original. Her comment didn’t offend me. I didn’t take it as a condemnation, but as her initial thought upon reading my post.

Her comment did make me think about the reasons I blog. It certainly isn’t to become rich and famous, and blogging has wreaked nine kinds of hell on my already lackadaisical housekeeping skills. After thinking and thinking…

…I came to the conclusion that I write merely to write.

-Sometimes I shoot for originality. How might I twist this phrase or that to say something banal in a decidedly fresh way? 

-Sometimes I just need to share the moments of my life with a few photos and captions. 

-Sometimes I feel like a kid and need to be silly. 

-Sometimes there’s scarcely a point to be found in my writing, even if I’m the one looking for it.

-Sometimes I write in poetry what I cannot say in prose.

Yes, my friend was right. My stocking post was decidedly lacking in originality. Hopefully I’ll be able to continue writing such pieces for many years to come.

Peace, people!

Day Two of John Scalzi’s Holiday Shopping Guide
Today’s the day John Scalzi, awesome scifi author and all-around good guy begins accepting promotional blurbs from authors who have gone the non-traditional route in publishing. For more information go to his Whatever blog (link above) and read the entire post. Don’t read three or four lines and say, “I don’t get it….” Read the whole thing. Then if you still don’t get it shoot John a question.

Good luck folks, and as always, Peace, people!

John Scalzi Presents!

Hi Friends,

I know that many of my followers and friends are published authors or songwriters. Others are looking for that motivation or big break. It’s difficult to know how to get your work and your name out there. 

Let me introduce you to science fiction author John Scalzi. I’m a big fan of his work. It’s witty, fast-paced, and not so mired in the sciences that a casual reader of scifi will feel lost. I’ve begun following John Scalzi on Facebook and Twitter and strongly suggest that you do as well.

John started as an indie author and has made a big mark in the scifi world. And, he’s a generous guy, it seems. Starting today, he accepts blurbs from folks like us. Each day this week John is seeking posts from authors and other artists with one category featured each day. For instance today he’s accepting submissions from folks who want to promote a book or audiobook they’ve had published through traditional publishing routes.

I could go on and on, but John Scalzi explains it all much more concisely than I on his WordPress site, “Whatever”.

So, here’s the link. Get busy and get some FREE promotion. Best of luck.

1,003 Posts

A couple of days ago I received a notification from the good folks at WordPress informing me that I’d reached the important 1,000 post milestone. Considering that I’ve been blogging for 506 days, that’s not too bad. 

The stat I’d love to see reach 1,000 is “number of followers,” but that one breaks down like this:

Facebook    411

Twitter          90

Tumblr          40

WordPress  398

Total:            939

A great many of those are overlapping, so I’m still way short of the 1,000 I covet.

What’s a girl got to do? Ride a horse naked through the local village? It worked for Lady Godiva. I hear she had tons of followers. I’d better start growing my hair. This pixie cut isn’t going to come close to covering all of my assets.

Peace, people!

Flight of the Flip Flips

Studly Doright and I just returned from a trip to Gruene, Texas, for a reunion of the Floydada High School class of 1975. 

Always on the lookout for bloggable material, I had the marvelous idea of posting photos of myself on a variety of stops en route to Texas from Tallahassee. 

I started out strongly:

Milton, FL rest stop

Unfortunately, I quickly forgot all about the idea after the second stop. I might’ve been sidetracked by the quotes on the booths. 

TA Truck Stop, Grand Bay, Alabama


Notice I was incredibly proud of my toenails. They’d been painted green to commemmorate Floydada’s team colors. 

Due to heavy rains and cooler temperatures in Gruene, Texas, not a single person got to see my toes at the event. Their loss, right?

The reunion was incredible, though, even without my toes on display.

40 Years of Looking Good

Peace, people.