Scheduled Chaos

every week about this time the chains all come unbound

we dance entranced on the steely pole and wave our hands around

clapping high and low we rock, we roll our voices raised in chorus

cold amber flows from gilded taps and everyone adores us.

unbridled passions capture hearts if only for this night

ecstasy then fades to shame when exposed to old ra’s light.

promises of never again are whispered through bruised lips

yet osiris calls again upon seven days’ eclipse.


It’s been many years since I had a wild Friday. Ah, the memories.

Peace, people!

innocence lost

it took just seconds;
innocence slipped through fingers
too quickly to catch.

why should she feel shame
while he walked away unscathed?
and no one intervened.

suffer the children
to come unto him, she read
did that include her?


I know this is a heavier topic than I usually cover, but we must start noticing and taking action against those who victimize our children.